Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quest for My Pretty - Post Travel Weight Loss Report

I know that this is not my usual weigh in. But I really wanted to do this today. I like to see the immediate aftermath of a business trip, if I can. Long story short: I went to Amsterdam for 8 days. I ate a LOT of fish. I walked nearly double my "daily value" of steps every day. I worked out in my hotel room nearly every morning as well - just enough to keep it in my routine. I also had wine, beer, desert... all manner of things I've been avoiding which are too hard to resist when overseas.

It has been two weeks since my last weigh in. And I wasn't sure how this would be except that I know I've had a bit of food poisoning for the last several days and my stomach has been very upset. Consequently, I haven't eaten as much as I should Friday or Saturday. I do not recommend the "get sick, don't eat" diet but sometimes it can not be avoided.

So here we go...

Weight: 160.4 (-5.6 lbs since last weigh in).

Yowza! Send me back the life style agrees with me!

Anyway, some pictures of foreign food if you'd like them.

Green Tea with modest Stroopewaffle

My colleague Joy's salad

I forgot what this is but ti's shrimp.

Salad greens (I ate a LOT of salad greens)

My favorite thing ever - the super stylized tea box at work.

Sea Bass, I ate a LOT of Sea Bass when left on my own.

Strawberries and Chocolate - not as bad as you'd think calorie-wise

My usual lunch: slice o bread, smoked salmon, side salad.
The 18 flights of stairs I tried to add into my routine at work.
I remember saying I always did seem to lose weight when I travel. It's been so long, I'd nearly forgotten that's the case.