Saturday, May 12, 2012

Round Up! The Clash Consignment Fashion Show

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to attend the Clash Consignment Fashion Show put on at Club Aquarius by beguiling Mary Katherine Burnside. Mary Katherine has put on this show before, but this was the first time I have attended one of her shows. The show features local designers and talent - and it's quite fun what Clash was able to put together. The whole event was a cacophony of creative expression of clothing and accessories. There were quite a lot of printed t-shirts, retro dresses, and adorable "Tiny Hats".  I actually took video of the whole thing but it wasn't great (there was a woman who's head kept getting in front of my camera). That means if there's video to be had it probably won't be mine you'll see. There were, however,  two local photographers who graciously offered to allow me make use of their imagery: Charlie Gast, and Inclusion Magazine (they also have a Facebook Page). Please enjoy their pictures and visit their pages, ok?

On to the show!

Josh Lucas for Skull 13
Image by Inclusion Magazine

First Segment
  • Tom Watson - Stem Cell T-Shirts
  • Skull 13
  • Forty O Z
  • Lady Creep Show
  • Basho

Second Segment

  • The Tiny Hat Co.
  • Jennie Hawley 
  • Lissa Lush
  • Candy Mic Designs 
  • Veda Apparel
  • Thread and Bones (Heidi Schumacher)
  • Tracy McElfresh

Jasmine from Clash Vintage
Image by Charlie Gast
Third Segment
  • Clash Vintage
The images you see are of the styles and designs I remember the most. It was difficult to hear the MC due to the nature of the sound and location and so I wasn't always sure who was showing what at what time. With so many shows, I easily lost track. I would have liked a program. The above list was graciously supplied by Mary Katherine, so I am able to at least give you the names of who showed. Sadly, I am not always able to connect pieces with the exact designer. Please forgive my ignorance, and if you happen to know - Correct me! I don't mind being corrected when the need arises.

Anyway, with that in mind you can absolutely appreciate the amount of work that Mary Katherine put into creating this show. Seriously, I don't know HOW she pulled it off, but she totally did. 

Anyway, more favorites...

CJ Chasser from Clash Vintage
Image by Charlie Gast
I really loved the lapel detail in this dress on the left. I do not know who the designer was but I thought this was a very fun and sexy piece. Perhaps the tights were a little too dressy but that's ok. I can over look that. I actually did want the sleeves to be a bit shorter.

Lady Creep Show Image by Charlie Gast
Who doesn't love a good Zombie T-Shirt? This Lady Creepshow shirt was awesome and I would have purchased it directly off the model's back, and probably sent it to Pink Sith, just for fun!

Aja Delany in Tiny Hats
Image by Inclusion Magazine
I've been admiring these little tiny hats in Clash for a long while now. They are super cute, super fun, and I think this particular part of the show may have been my favorite. It certainly had the most whimsey and did NOT take itself seriously. They even brought a hoopist out at one point. Anyway, just look at Aja having fun in that Tiny Hat!

Leslie Rasmussen in Basho Image by Inclusion Magazine

I attended this show with my friend Tonya and I swear we both wanted to take this shirt home with us. We loved the little birds flying all over it. Adorable t-shirt!

Jasmine Kashani in Tom Watson III Image by Charlie Gast
This entire collection was different color t-shirts with similar tree-like motifs on them. Sort of "pick your color" "pick your print". It got a little repetitious for a fashion show, but I liked it well enough that at the right price I would definitely sport one of these interesting graphic Ts.

Stacey Hensley in Lissa Lush Image by Charlie Gast
Stacey had her own cheering session at this show (and they were sitting right behind me). I didn't mind - I like her too. I particularly liked her in this interesting crochet halter with fringe. It's not something I could EVER wear, but I certainly know people who could get away with it. I think Stacey is one of those people. Cute top!

Amanda Rea in Tracy McElfresh Image by Charlie Gast

You know I adore Tracy McElfresh, so it's no surprise that she delivered some of my favorite full garments out there on the runway at the show. It was also great to see model Amanda Rea again. Consequently, out of all of Tracy's fabulous designs, this one I remembered this one the most. Except perhaps...

Mary Katherine Burnside in Tracy McElfresh Image by Charlie Gast
... this dress on Ms. Mary Katherine Burnside. Seriously, this dress has been hanging in Clash for a VERY long time. Every time I saw it on the wall I didn't understand it. Once I saw it on Mary Katherine, I instantly fell in love with it. There are so many details that Tracy put into this dress and the fit was fabulous. It's cute, flirty, and quirky - just like both the designer and the owner of Clash.


Jess Ficke in Clash Vintage Image by Charlie Gast
The Clash Consignment Fashion Show ended  with Clash Vintage. I had to include this image of Jess simply because girl is rockin' that dress and those little red pumps! Look at that retro vibe she's putting out! I love it, and that IS Clash!

So if Mary Katherine Burnside does indeed decide to put on this show twice a year, as I hear she wants to do, then put me down for the next ticket!!! The show was fun, the Afterparty... that got a little scrambled but I think that will get fixed in the future. It also would have been nice to be able to find out how to either order or purchase these pieces. Maybe that would have been something to go in the program. All in all I think this show will continue to grow, as Clash continues to grow as a destination point in Dayton, not just a shop on the street.

If you're in the area you should check out Clash Consignments at 113 E. Third st. Dayton,OH. 

Again special thanks to Charlie Gast, and Inclusion Magazine for use of their images.