Monday, June 11, 2012

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

New Dress, New Shoes - And it's too BIG!!!
 It has been a tough week. I started Phase 3 of Les Mills Pump. That means longer exercises and more strenuous. As a consequence, I injured my arms for a couple of days. I also torqued my knee wearing some killer blue suede heels. So I've been hobbling. Not quite as much done on my workouts as I'd like, but it's sill progress.

Weight: 159.8 (+0.0)

I hold steady again. This could be my diet (it hasn't been stellar transitioning back from the "Dutch Fish and Wine Diet" of the previous weeks). I could also be having an impact with my muscles and soreness. It's well known when you shock muscles and you get sore, you're body is reacting by holding some water in to protect the damaged tissue. Or so I've been told. What this means is that I'm looking forward to next week's weigh in.

In two days time I take new pictures and new measurements, though. We'll see how that goes. Many people are commenting on how much weight I've lost. Change has happened and it is visible. That makes me feel good.