Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Joli Boutique on the Runway - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

I've been to Joli Boutique in Centerville. I didn't look around too much because at the time I was sort of intimidated. But after meeting owner Debbie Teeters at the Fashion For a Cause night last week I think I'm going to have to stop in again. Particularly after seeing her show. Want to take a peek? It's short, it's sweet, and it's awesome! Also listen to myself and Lisa Scott of Beaute Box gush... we gushed! It was fun!

See? I adore that black outfit with the hat. It's just incredible. Actually the hats in general... yeah, I think Ms. Debbie Teeters has an eye for these types of accessories.

For those of you who are local you can find Joli Boutique at 27 W. Franklin Street, Centerville, Ohio 45459.

To learn more about Joli Boutique, please check out Joli Boutique on Facebook.

For the Official Dayton Fashion Week DVD of this show, please contact the official video sponsor at itolduso@live.com or order your official DVD online.

Amy Longo - Love the Limelight, Dayton Fashion Week 2012

I met Amy Longo when we were both at the Dayton Fashion Week casting back in April. I hadn't heard of her. I wish I had, because I think I'd probably have been wearing one of her dresses by now. I was a little confused why she was showing on "Couture" night - I had heard that her designs were factory made that evening. But ultimately, I really don't care if I'd wear it.  And yes, I would wear Amy Longo. This should come as no surprise - she did intern with Pretty in Dayton favorite Betsey Johnson. I hope some day I'll get the chance to talk to her about that...

But for now, please watch the video of her show. I'm digging her designs and I am pretty sure you will too:

I swear... Amy Longo has my iPod, or my "Dance! Sarah Wants To Dance!" Spotify playlist or something because she was reading my mind! We need to start swapping music I think.

Styrch's Amy Longo Wish List
  • The Yellow Dress
  • The Orange Dress
  • That Red Dress  - But it won't look good on me.
  • That Purple Dress
Girl, you know how to find me.

Check out more of Amy Longo's designs on her website.

Read more about Amy Longo on Dayton Fashion Week's website.

For the Official Dayton Fashion Week DVD of this show, please contact the official video sponsor at itolduso@live.com or order your official DVD online.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dayton Dutch Lions Soccer Game Against Antigua - My First Game!

Mascots scare me.
After all the Dayton Fashion Week festivities were over, after a long day of editing images and writing posts, and trying to get organized, I took a break and went to the Dayton Dutch Lions game. Before DFW, I didn't even know there WAS a Dayton Dutch Lions team, let alone that we had a soccer (football) team. But during the week's festivities, several members of the team were ever present, so I got curious. Plus, I wanted to play with my new camera in a completely different setting.

I had a BLAST!!!

The Lions won their game against Antigua 3-1. Yay!!!  Here are some of my favorite pictures...

Not bad for my little Fujifilm F750EXR! Sometimes, the zoom was the only way I could really tell what was going on...

Nixon Dias was the DJ for Dayton Fashion Week, btw.
I work for a Dutch company and mentioned to one of my colleagues this morning that I went to the game. Their response was something like "Well I bet that was a really rowdy crowd." Really? I don't know if there's any history between the countries or teams, but I had forgotten how incredibly violent a good game of "football" can get. I used to play when I was younger - I was the only girl on an all-boys team. I was a defender and my best asset was the fact that I had very strong legs (as a runner and playing catcher on a softball team it was sort of natural). And occasionally, someone would dribble up the side I was on and hit a brick wall (that wall being me). I remember sending one boy flying one time. He landed so hard he yelled at the ref "She's a girl! She can't play!"  Well, that girl kicked his butt! Anyway, regardless, I wasn't sure if the level of violence this game had was "normal" or not - one game so I really don't know. But regardless, it did make it more interesting. In some respects, it was on par with watching NHL hockey playoffs. But enough about violence.

What a treat it was to watch! I can't wait to go again, though I can't attend the next home game on August 11th at Miami Valley South Stadium.YOU SHOULD GO!

Of course, you can't have fun at a good game without good people:

Anyway,  if you like soccer, or just want to have a good time, I really do suggest checking out the team. It was loads of fun. And, I can't think of many more places around Dayton where you'll hear several different languages being spoken at once (another treat in my opinion).

Thank you, Caressa, for convincing me I need to go to a game this year. Didn't take much. :)

Quest For My Prretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I haven't worn this dress in at least 6 years
I didn't know what to expect today when I stepped on the scale. Last week was erratic to stay the least. I didn't get ANY exercise in. I was also lucky to get in a good square healthy meal. Dayton Fashion Week ruled my life when I wasn't at my 9 to 5 job, and I was also pulling late nights (that's not over yet, by the way). But regardless, the end result was that I mostly FORGOT to eat. Not a very good thing, really. But... let's take a peek.

Weight: 153.6  (-2.2 lbs)

Ok, so assuming I get food back into my life (which I absolutely should do) then I expect this number will go up! I plan on starting Insanity (at least a hybrid program with something else) when I return from a vacation coming up - look for that toward the end of August. I'll let you know when. I always do better on a program, including remembering to eat.

That's the thing - adrenaline is not a substitution for food, even if you don't feel hungry. Remember that, ok? That's a reminder for myself.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

L'Amour Ameer and His Bag of Tricks - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

Model wearing L'Amour Ameer
That caught your attention, right? That's out of MY bag of tricks to get you to read this post so I can tell you about someone else's bag of tricks... Designer L'Amour Ameer!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video: Dresses by Tracy McElfresh - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

Tracy McElfresh Backstage

By now you know that Tracy McElfresh has been a friend of mine for quite a long while now. Her style always has a vintage throwback. And  her work is impeccable. For those of you in the Dayton are who stay plugged into the fashion scene, you know that Tracy is very involved in the local fashion and handmade community. Also, because her work is so incredibly well made, neither one of us has made a move to make ME a dress yet because my size keeps changing. But that will come. Regardless the show was absolutely Tracy, right down to the song. "Who doesn't love Ray Charles?" she told me.

This video deserves a little explanation. I had discovered that lost my keys right before Tracy McElfresh took the stage. While I was back stage looking, the first dress started walking. It just so happens that the person sitting next to me was the mother of the model in that first dress. So when I got back and asked "What did I miss?" She said "My daughter." Eeek!

At 4 pm yesterday before Tracy took the stage, she grabbed me by the arm and said "Do you want to get a drink?" and we made our way over to the Crowne Plaza for a pre-show glass of wine. We talked about how different it was for her to be in a show like Dayton Fashion Week vs the types of shows she's used to. She insisted that it was much more organized than anything she's ever been involved with before, and was absolutely thrilled that she would NOT have to cue her own models to walk down the runway (DFW had someone already set up to do that for her). In short, many of the the things that Tracy is used to doing were not her concerns the day of the show. It really made me wonder what other differences she saw between a homegrown show and a budding professionally put together event. I hope that she will share her thoughts, if not on this blog, then on her own.

Congratulations, Tracy! You are awesome!

Find Dresses by Tracy McElfresh on Facebook.

For the Official Dayton Fashion Week DVD of this show, please contact the official video sponsor at itolduso@live.com or order your official DVD online.

Video: Grumbage by Laura Kirkpatrick - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

As a long time America's Next Top Model fan, I was seriously geeked out over this:

Laura!!! She's totally adorable, gorgeous, and one of the sweetest people ever.

I asked Laura why "Grumbage". Yes, it's a made up word. She told me before she was a model she was an artist and Grumbage was born. She describes her style as "hipster". She also told me her father does not share her taste in clothing (which was totally endearing). I mean, really... If I could have I would have taken her out to lunch just to listen to her talk and share her stories. But girl was there to work! Take a look:

That first dress was KILLER! And I dug the lips graphic at the end. Not to mention using BUSH as her runway music... adore! I need to swap music with this girl.

Incidentally, I purchased the blue Grumbage Anchored Mermaid T-shirt. You see, my keys went missing partway through the evening. It turned out they had been missing since the start of the evening and picked up by this Grumbage Angel:

I had to buy. How could I not? And therefore, Grumbage can have space on my blog any time you want it, Ms. Kirkpatrick. Thank you and your entourage for being awesome! 

And you too can get Grumbage by Laura from their website.  I may have to go back and get the Bang Bang T as well...

For the Official Dayton Fashion Week DVD of this show, please contact the official video sponsor at itolduso@live.com or order your official DVD online.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Published!!! In Print! I'm in Fashion Index Quarterly

I am so Geeked Out right now!!!

My first "in print" article for Dayton Fashion Week's Magazine Fashion Index Quarterly. I'm so excited! I must get hard copies...

I hope Althea likes the article too.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fashion in the City - Dayton Fashion Week Hair Battle

Fashion In the City - Dayton Fashion Week

Have you ever seen a Hair Battle before? I haven't. Well, actually, that's not true. I saw my first one last night. Dayton Fashion Week hosted a Fashion in the City event, which took place on main street in Courthouse Square. Read on to see!

Fashion For a Cause - Runway Clips Video

On July 24th, local Dayton celebrities (myself included how?) descended onto the Masonic Temple for Fashion for a Cause, the kick off event for Dayton Fashion Week.

I have SO MANY pictures from the event I think it's going to take me a while to collect my thoughts into an organized series of posts. So in the mean time, enjoy some video. This video does not include everyone who walked - I don't think I had video of everyone and it was getting very long. But I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. Yes, I'm in there too. And Lisa Scott has to give me lessons on how to strut because girl can work it!

Since the show benefited Clothes that Work, we were encouraged to wear our personal style as filted through "work attire". So that's why you see so many suits!

Warning - it's long!
 More later of course!

Kids Couture! Dayton Fashion Week Day 3

Blueeyes and Barefeet - cute!

If you are so inclined, please check out the Kids Couture show tonight for Dayton Fashion Week. Presented by De'Lish Cafe (I ate there for the first time last night) the event will take place at Brainbridge Hall in Downtown Dayton. Hours are from 5 pm to 9 pm. Tickets will be available at the door.

At least you know with De'Lish involved there is going to be some yumminess going around!

Image from Dayton Fashion Week Email blast.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Outsider on the Inside - Introducing Courtney

Hi there,

My name is Courtney, and Sarah asked me to guest blog about Dayton Fashion Week from an “inside”/backstage perspective. I’m one of the models for DFW, and I will give you my view of all the goings on.

First of all, it still feels a little weird to call myself a ‘model.’ Prior to DFW I had not really done much modeling (unless you count taking pictures of myself posing, and practicing in front of the mirror). I went to the casting on a whim, and through a series of events, here I am!

Back in April, one of my best friends, Shannon, told me about a casting call she read about for local models. It was two days prior to the event, and I would have to walk in heels (something I was not very skilled at, I will admit). I figured “why not!” and set out practicing in the heels. Day of the casting, it was very rainy and cold. Due to the weather, there were some changes in venue for the casting, and I ended up being late. I was one of the last few people there, and by the time it was my turn to walk, I think my nerves really got the better of me. I knew my ‘walk’ wasn’t that great, but I figured I gave it a try. Plus, I was shocked that there were so many real models there. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I certainly didn’t expect people who had professional experience and portfolios and stuff! Surrounded by models, I felt pretty out of my element…until someone said to me “you look familiar…did we do a show together?” then another person said “yeah, did I do a show with you, too?” I was pretty floored, my best response was something along the lines of “ummm…no.” I couldn’t believe anyone thought I was an actual model!

Courtney at April Model Casting
A few days went by, and I kept checking up on the DFW news on Facebook (I had friended/liked a few people on there to keep up with things). Well, I didn’t get picked to be a model. I will admit I was a little bummed, but not really surprised. I decided that I tried it out and that didn’t mean I couldn’t go from there. I kept checking in on the DFW updates, and even contacted a photographer about prices for a headshot/portfolio shoot. It was during this time, things really started to fall into place for me. First, the photographer I had contacted me asked if I wanted to be in a photo he wanted to create (I jumped at the opportunity), and then I made a decision that would change the course of my fashion history.

About a month or so after the casting, I started thinking about the show, and decided to write Caressa Brown (Director of Operations for DFW) on Facebook, asking for pointers and tips for me to improve. Since I didn’t hear back from her right away, I thought ‘oh well, you tried’ and went about my life. A little while later, I did hear back from her. She said that they discussed me for a long time and went back and forth. The deciding factor had been my walk (curse you heels!), but they did want me to participate in DFW!!! I just needed to practice in the heels. I was so excited! I did not expect that response at all. So, I put on those heels and didn’t look back!

The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of excitement. I have gotten so much great experience and exposure, plus I have met so many great people. DFW is going on RIGHT NOW, and I can’t wait for all of the events. I’ll keep you all updated on all the experiences of my insider/outsider perspective!

Styrch’s Note:  I got my first glimpse of Courtney at the Model Casting when I was asked to be a judge. I remembered her, her face. I remember my notes about her and her walk. I remember her “friending” me on Facebook and she has been a presence on my pages (both personal and blog) ever since.  I’ve seen her involvement with DFW over the months since the casting and when I got a chance to sit down with her at the Fashion for a Cause show last night I realized her perspective reminded me a lot of my own. The two of us are both women who are new to this whole arena and are both excited about Dayton Fashion Week. I admire her persistence and passion, and I wanted to give this little blog a model’s touch. I thought her perspective would be a wonderful compliment to everything I write. I sincerely hope you will agree.

Images are from Bob Coyle Photography and Lamar Pacley of Shutter Eye Photography

Dayton Fashion Week Day 2 - Let the Hair Battle Begin!!!

15 enter, 1 stylist leaves... with the trophy. It's a little bit like Thunderdome, isn't it? Or Highlander! There can be only one!

Anyway, there will be events open to the public for FREE between 4 and 9 pm tonight, with the hair battle beginning at 7 pm. If you're looking for something to do, I suggest a light dinner at any of the yummy downtown restaurants then head over to Courthouse Square at 7pm for the battle. Are you going to go? I think I may.

Image from email blast for Dayton Fashion Week. I had to share with you of course.

Updated: Entertainment begins at 4 pm, not 5 pm.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Practicing for Dayton Fashion Week (video)


In an effort to entice you to come out and see Dayton Fashion Week's Fashion for a Cause on July 24th (TODAY), I've decided to create a little video of me practicing. Now, I am NO WHERE NEAR a seasoned model. And you know these types of show are about fun.

Bonus, I included what I WOULD have worn, and songs I ALMOST chose. You'll see that in the second half.

So here's what I learned from this practice experience:
  1. I need to stop picking my own songs - there are very clearly two songs here that I have more fun with than the one I chose.
  2. Hips! I need to move my hips - seriously... whenever I think I am doing it, I'm not.
  3. Arms! -  I have no idea what to do with them.
  4. Have a role model - clearly, I'm not Coco Rocha. And Steven Tyler is a man. I need something else.
  5. I need to remember to have FUN!!!  - Rather than focus on good, focus on fun and everything will be better.
Come out. See the show. Watch me fall on my face like Carrie Bradshaw. Go see EVERYONE ELSE! Because they are going to kill it. I'm filler, I know it. But I'll try as hard as I possibly can to kick some ass in my boots! And most importantly, participate in the silent auction and bring some clothing to donate to Clothes that Work!


P.S. Special thanks to Tonya for helping me video tape this kamikaze style in the gerbil tunnel at work. Thanks Tonya!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

My very first Betsey Johnson Dress - so bittersweet to wear....

My First Betsey Johnson

Why am I showing you this dress in my Weekly Weight Loss Report? Simple - I haven't been able to wear this dress for about 8 years. Actually, exactly 8 years. I wore this dress for the first and only time on July 22nd in 2004. The occasion was the rehearsal dinner for my wedding the next day.

I do not wear the same weight I was 8 years ago. In fact, I weigh more. Muscle weighs more than fat, but it takes up a heck of a lot less space than fat. I'm pretty excited I can fit into this dress - but terribly sad that the designer is out of business. Wearing this dress again... bittersweet indeed!

Weight: 155.8 lbs (+0.8 lbs)

Not gonna sweat the 0.8 lbs today. Seriously... I just fit into a SMALL size 10. Yes the dress has stretch, but I've not been able to wear it when I've been other versions of "size 10". Stick to the positive, Styrch!!!!

On the other hand, how do you like my hair shorter?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Picks By Kidtee Hello Photography.... of me!

You can probably tell by the color of my hair that these were taken a long time ago. You may remember my previous post on this experience. I wanted to show you there of the pictures WE (me and several friends) ended up choosing:

Kidtee's Choice:

I love how intense all the colors are here. It was easy to see WHY Katti Foster chose this particular shot looking through all of the images. It was really gorgeous, even before being retouched. 

Friend's Collective Choice:

How you like that? I don't know HOW that look came out of my face. I really don't. I look like some evil alien queen.

And My Choice:

I had to go for goofy! You know me.

So who made the best choice? I like them all. Again, special thanks to Kidtee Hello Photograhy (dude, she's going to NYC soon, just FYI), Melissa McManus (hair), and Joshua Vanity Lucas (makeup).

And... since this shoot we've done a second one! I can't wait to show you those because they are going to be SUPER FUN! So fun in fact that I was allowed to commute some of my retouched shots from this shot to that newer shoot. You'll love them (they're junky rocker chick). Here's a preview:

iPhone Pic you know.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Local: Win a Pair of Tickets to Dayton Fashion Week

I have a GREAT giveaway for the locals out there who read my blog. Dayton Fashion Week has been kind enough to hook me up with  not one by TWO tickets to Friday July 27th's show. Why Friday? Simple - Local girl Tracy McElfresh is showing and I think she's awesome! Plus, what a great way to end the week, eh?

Here are the details:
  • Date: Friday July 27th
  • Location: Dayton Convention Center
  • Time: Doors open at 5 pm, show starts at 6:30
  • What you win: 2 tickets!!! (you can bring a friend!!!)
  • What you'll see: Emerging Designers and Ready-to-wear fashions.
Sounds good doesn't it? Who wouldn't want to kick back and watch some awesomeness happen? This IS the first ever Dayton Fashion Week therefore YOU will get a chance to be a party of history! It can't get much better than that. So what are you waiting for? Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below!

Here you go!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Good luck!

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Store: Eclectic Essentials on 5th

So do you think something like this could sell?

Old painting of mine
Eclectic Essentials
I DO NOT WANT to answer that question right now (and anyway, it's hanging in my parent's house). However the topic did come up last night as my friend Angela and I visited a new store downtown called Eclectic Essentials. It's over on Fifth street in Dayton, a short walk from Sidebar.

There are ALL KINDS OF THINGS in this store! We spoke to Estevan Loya, owner of the store and he said that he's looking to get a wide variety of art priced to sell into his store. He's trying to feature local artists (always awesome) and get some pieces moving. Eclectic Essentials has only been open a week, and I believe they are currently featuring around 10 artists. Estevan mentioned he's hoping to get about 20, and to rotate what's being offered fairly frequently. That means YOU, frequent art buyers, should check this place out often!

What is also very cool about this store is that you will find something for every price range. Whether you're just looking to pick up arty greeting cards, or you need a $2000 photograph that's won awards - this store has it. Personally, I was more fond of the smaller (cheaper) art work - the type of items where one could build a small paneled collection or their wall. Of course, that's what I'd like to do with my home. On the other hand, if you DO want some truly strange things, you can find a sculpture of a squid!!!

If you are an artist or a student looking to start selling:
Get a hold of Estevan Loya (937-559-5103)

If you are ANYONE:
Visit Eclectic Essentials Website

If you are in Dayton or surrounding area: 
Stop in the store - 510 E. Fifth Street.

Who knows, maybe some of my old (not-so-great) oils will end up there someday. I still don't know how Angela ended up pimping my old crappy "I'm learning how to paint" paintings but she was working all the angles. Maybe it's something I'll consider. After all - she was right. My stuff is just hanging in a hallway up in my house and isn't getting appreciated by anyone, including myself. This could be a store to move some things.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summerland Tour 2012 - So much '90s fun!

Last night I got the opportunity to attend the Summerland 2012 tour in Cincinnati (Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, Gin Blossoms, Marcy Playground). Tickets were relatively inexpensive - probably because this is a line up that would have been ROCKING around the year 2000. However, they didn't treat us like a second class audience - they put on a great show. Here are some clips.

Marcy Playground
I only knew one song by this band (and there were only, like, 10 of us in the audience when this started... I exaggerate) but they were actually pretty good and I intend to check out more. Here's the one you and I know:


Holy mother of frak was this an awesome band to see! I honestly didn't know this band very well (just My Own Worst Enemy). But, they recently put out a new album and I'm in adoration of "Miss you Gone".

Gin Blossoms
Not my band. I skipped out to get T-shirt signed by Lit...

So...Lit Signing Pics!

Sugar Ray
The reason I came. They seriously put on a FUN show! It's not always great music, but that doesn't matter because it's next to impossible to have a bad time when they are on stage.

Mark McGrath being Goofy

We stayed for the first couple of songs and then realized we had zero interest after watching Sugar Ray. The energy was so different, and Everclear was too angsty. I have no video because, quite frankly, bored.

So in short... Sugar Ray, Lit, and Marcy Playground totally worth the price of admission if you get to see this tour. The bands are up and off stage quickly, with Mark McGrath mostly introducing bands in between, talking about their significance and killing time (and seriously, it's fun to watch him killing time). They hope to make this tour the first annual, so yes - if they come around next year I will be there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Expressing My Love for MAC Dainty Cake Lipstick

Whenever I have to leave my house for a significant period of time I always go through this little "Oh my gosh! I need that!" phase with some of my makeup products, usually lipsticks. Sometimes this includes really old lipsticks that are discontinued (I recently learned that although I love my MAC Cockatease it's probably well passed it's prime). Sometimes those lipsticks still rock...

Face of the Day

Yeah, I love that. I adore the complexity in Dainty Cake and haven't seen it in many other lippies. It's pretty awesome when you get can get a lipstick that has the right amount of metallic gold sheen added to a peachy coral color.A quick Google search will show you there ARE dupes or near-dupes out there. But as long as my Dainty Cake actually is good I'll be loving it.

Yes, I did do the rest of my face... but since I'm not near my regular stash and have such limited eye shadows I don't think it's that important to mention them except that I've just been using my neutral Inglot palette the most in various combinations.

Didn't feel like smiling...

Face of the Day

Ok, you get me smiling...

Face of the Day

And here's the eye...

Face of the Day

Probably could have gotten that look by using Evil Shades Drakon by itself... if I had it near me to use. I should make sure to grab that next time I raid my house.

Oh! And I want to show you what this all went with! Crappy cell phone pic in office bathroom...

DKNY Cozy over Ann Taylor Loft Dress with DV shoes

I guess it turned out all good, hot weather and all.

Do you have any old dced lippies you love to have with you? What are they?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Halcyon

Here's another one from the Fan collection from Rescue Beauty Lounge...

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Halcyon

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Halcyon

Ok, so this one is named after one of my favorite plants. I love succulents, and the color is totally nailed on this one.

Green-gray with shimmery pink glitter particles. In some lights it will look more green than in others. It seems like a strange color to pull off but it's actually quite casual and beautiful.

My usual, 2 coats over Qtica Nail Growth Stimulator and topped with Seche Vite.

Not great on me. My nails are taking a toll - I'm not in my normal situation, not eating normally, and also playing softball. So they're in bad shape. Also I used a different nail polish remover than my usual Zoya Remove + so that may be a factor in how my nails started to chip the next day.

Bottom Line
This polish is unique enough in my collection to be worth the current $20 price. I have never had chipping problems with RBL polishes before, so I think my current issues are largely due to differences in the health of my nails and prep.

You can still purchase Halcyon from Rescue Beauty Lounge.

I purchased this polish on my own. Thanks.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dayton Fashion Week Designers - Introduction Video!!!

This just makes me excited...

See anything you like?

Remember, Dayton Fashion Week is July 24th through 28th. I hope that you'll come out and enjoy some of the fun and fashion!

Visit Dayton Fashion Week's website to get your tickets. And don't forget to "Like" their Facebook Page for the most updated information!

Quest for my Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report... and some lessons

I am headed into my last two weeks of Les Mills PUMP. I like what I see! I posted this on my own Facebook timeline so you may not have seen:

I HATE pictures of myself from the side but actually like this post-workout pic. I must be doing something right even if my food has been horrible. I also haven't been keeping track very much because it's just been hard to make myself want to record that. I'm absolutely focusing on exercise right now - keep one in check if the other one has to slip right? Anyway, I figure I should share that picture while I can. Who knows what the next two weeks will bring. Which brings me to...

Weight: 155.0 lbs (-0.0 lbs)

Note: Weight was taken on a different scale from last week, and a different scale from the week before (which, if you recall, is not my regular scale either). I can report it, but I can't trust it.

So why all the different scales?
Simply put: I have not been living in the same location each week. I've been using different scales, and I've been exposed to different eating styles. This poses some interesting weight loss challenges.

Weight Loss When Not In Your Own Kitchen/Home
We're not just talking about traveling and weight loss here - but a loss of normal routine and resources. I can handle travel and weight loss - that's EASY. You go out to eat and you make smart choices. But moving to different houses and staying with friends has a different set of challenges. Here are some of the ones I've run into:
  1. Adapting to Host's Eating Style - Sometimes this works out well. Two weeks ago I stayed with a very health-conscious friend who was "juicing". We drank juice, ate lots of veggies, hummus, and nuts. I lost weight. That's not to say I didn't have "real meals" - I absolutely did (and that includes the juices), but the food that was available to me was of a much healthier variety. Then I switched houses to a different friend who is very athletic but does not put an emphasis on food. Processed carbohydrate city! Not to mention, she doesn't keep much food around the house. I've had to assert myself and buy groceries (which I don't mind doing - I'm living on her good will right now). But it has made it difficult when wanting to find a quick healthy snack (or even mixing my shakeology in the morning). My Advice: Be upfront about your needs and do your own shopping. Chances are your host will enjoy you cooking dinner for them too. 
  2. Adapting to your Host's Drinking Style - Ok, this one is tough! When staying with friends who ask you every evening "Would you like a glass of wine?" it's really hard to say no. But sometimes you have to or just need it. Let's be honest - if you're moving around like I am you're not exactly doing it under the best circumstances. I'm not going to get into my issues here, but those glasses of wine have been helpful on a emotional level. My Advice: Allow the indulgence, just don't drink the whole bottle every night (yes... this is an area I need to work on and have needed to work on for a long while, which is why I advocate for avoidance). And get your WATER in!
  3. Adapting to Space -  As a person who likes to workout in the living room, sometimes that's not possible. Or sometimes stereo setups are just crazy different from what I'm used to. It takes patience. It means that I use the space at the host's discretion. My Advice: Get to know the system set up, and the space. Be up front with your host and ask WHEN you won't get in their way and how to put things back the way they want it. 
  4. Change in Routine - Living with people you're not used to you may be subject to their routine as well. I have gotten less sleep because my host wakes earlier than I do on the weekends. Or they are around when I want to workout (I'm self-conscious). My Advice: Get over it. Work it out how you can.
  5. Resist the Temptation NOT to Eat - Sometimes it's easier to just forget about eating. If you're experiencing grief this can also make food less desirable. Or, maybe you don't want to inconvenience your host. My Advice: Just schedule eating times and make sure you have something. Hopefully you're somewhere that the "something" is healthy (goes back to shopping for your own food). Also ask your host if you can cook.
  6. Backup Plans - You will need them!!! In unfamiliar territory I don't always get my steps in because it's too easy not to walk when I don't know where I'm going. I'm not THAT adventurous unless in a truly different country or a big city. My Advice: Get your groove on. Make friends with your iPod or streaming music system. You really don't know how many calories you will burn just dancing around the room that was lent to you by your friend. Seriously... A LOT!!!  
  7. Thank Your Friends - If you're bouncing around, remember that as much as you are out of your routine, you are invading theirs as well. My Advice: Work with them, thank them, love them. You have great friends. 
I have no idea when my situation will stabilize one way or another.I suspect I have other lessons to learn in regard to my Quest through this. My goal - just don't let that number for weight rise! After all, I have a runway show in a couple of weeks and want to look AWESOME!

(Looking AWESOME publicly can sometimes be the best revenge, right?)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fashion For A Cause!!! Get Your Tickets!

Dayton Fashion Week is having a Charity Celebrity Fashion Show on July 24th. And guess what? Apparently *I* am considered a local celebrity because I've been asked to model for it. Before you ask, no, I have no idea what I'll be wearing or WHO I'll be wearing, or what I'll be doing exactly. But dude! Look at the list of celebs below. My name is on it!  Another "How did THIS happen" moment right?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Quest for my Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Let me preface this weight loss by saying I have not been in my normal routine. I've been trying to get my workouts in but that hasn't always happened logistically and my food has been largely on the good will of others (thanks to my friend Teresa for introducing me to the benefits of a juicer). So, this is very atypical week where I've not had a lot of control.

Weight: 155.0 lbs (-0.8 lbs)
(I should also say this was taken yesterday without me using my regular scale).

I can be happy with that for now.

Blast from the Past - Can you spot me?

Spent a weekend with my parents (happy birthday, mom!!!) and came across this old photo of me and the theatre group I was in at the age of 17. Can you spot me? I bet you can.

Fun right?