Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amy Longo - Love the Limelight, Dayton Fashion Week 2012

I met Amy Longo when we were both at the Dayton Fashion Week casting back in April. I hadn't heard of her. I wish I had, because I think I'd probably have been wearing one of her dresses by now. I was a little confused why she was showing on "Couture" night - I had heard that her designs were factory made that evening. But ultimately, I really don't care if I'd wear it.  And yes, I would wear Amy Longo. This should come as no surprise - she did intern with Pretty in Dayton favorite Betsey Johnson. I hope some day I'll get the chance to talk to her about that...

But for now, please watch the video of her show. I'm digging her designs and I am pretty sure you will too:

I swear... Amy Longo has my iPod, or my "Dance! Sarah Wants To Dance!" Spotify playlist or something because she was reading my mind! We need to start swapping music I think.

Styrch's Amy Longo Wish List
  • The Yellow Dress
  • The Orange Dress
  • That Red Dress  - But it won't look good on me.
  • That Purple Dress
Girl, you know how to find me.

Check out more of Amy Longo's designs on her website.

Read more about Amy Longo on Dayton Fashion Week's website.

For the Official Dayton Fashion Week DVD of this show, please contact the official video sponsor at itolduso@live.com or order your official DVD online.