Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Expressing My Love for MAC Dainty Cake Lipstick

Whenever I have to leave my house for a significant period of time I always go through this little "Oh my gosh! I need that!" phase with some of my makeup products, usually lipsticks. Sometimes this includes really old lipsticks that are discontinued (I recently learned that although I love my MAC Cockatease it's probably well passed it's prime). Sometimes those lipsticks still rock...

Face of the Day

Yeah, I love that. I adore the complexity in Dainty Cake and haven't seen it in many other lippies. It's pretty awesome when you get can get a lipstick that has the right amount of metallic gold sheen added to a peachy coral color.A quick Google search will show you there ARE dupes or near-dupes out there. But as long as my Dainty Cake actually is good I'll be loving it.

Yes, I did do the rest of my face... but since I'm not near my regular stash and have such limited eye shadows I don't think it's that important to mention them except that I've just been using my neutral Inglot palette the most in various combinations.

Didn't feel like smiling...

Face of the Day

Ok, you get me smiling...

Face of the Day

And here's the eye...

Face of the Day

Probably could have gotten that look by using Evil Shades Drakon by itself... if I had it near me to use. I should make sure to grab that next time I raid my house.

Oh! And I want to show you what this all went with! Crappy cell phone pic in office bathroom...

DKNY Cozy over Ann Taylor Loft Dress with DV shoes

I guess it turned out all good, hot weather and all.

Do you have any old dced lippies you love to have with you? What are they?