Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun Picks By Kidtee Hello Photography.... of me!

You can probably tell by the color of my hair that these were taken a long time ago. You may remember my previous post on this experience. I wanted to show you there of the pictures WE (me and several friends) ended up choosing:

Kidtee's Choice:

I love how intense all the colors are here. It was easy to see WHY Katti Foster chose this particular shot looking through all of the images. It was really gorgeous, even before being retouched. 

Friend's Collective Choice:

How you like that? I don't know HOW that look came out of my face. I really don't. I look like some evil alien queen.

And My Choice:

I had to go for goofy! You know me.

So who made the best choice? I like them all. Again, special thanks to Kidtee Hello Photograhy (dude, she's going to NYC soon, just FYI), Melissa McManus (hair), and Joshua Vanity Lucas (makeup).

And... since this shoot we've done a second one! I can't wait to show you those because they are going to be SUPER FUN! So fun in fact that I was allowed to commute some of my retouched shots from this shot to that newer shoot. You'll love them (they're junky rocker chick). Here's a preview:

iPhone Pic you know.