Sunday, July 29, 2012

L'Amour Ameer and His Bag of Tricks - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

Model wearing L'Amour Ameer
That caught your attention, right? That's out of MY bag of tricks to get you to read this post so I can tell you about someone else's bag of tricks... Designer L'Amour Ameer!

Designer, L'Amour Ameer in post-show celebration mode.
It's the day after Dayton Fashion Week Day 5 - the week is over. I had my first real full meal in days at P.F. Changs for lunch and my fortune cookie read "Love is a present that can be given every day." Well, today I choose to give my love to L'Amour Ameer show last night. If I have one regret out of Dayton Fashion Week it is that I did not record L'Amour Ameer's show. If you didn't see it, you missed out!

When I arrived on Saturday July 28th at the Dayton Convention Center I sought out my makeup artist buddy Joshua Vanity Lucas to see who's make-up he was doing. Of course, he had chosen to do L'Amour Ameer! I didn't even have to ask why - Josh said (paraphrasing) "I heard he's kind of a diva, so of course I wanted to do makeup for his show". Ah ha! Someone with a reputation! Josh hadn't yet met L'Amour Ameer. I had. So Josh and I went on a "If you were a 'Diva' where would you be hiding?" hunt. We didn't have to go very far.
Aforementioned "Ironed Coat" - (WOW)

We found  L'Amour Ameer, ironing an intricate jacket HIMSELF on the main floor of the Convention Center. He was charming and absolutely delightful. We exchanged pleasantries and I reminded him of when we first were introduced back during the April Model Casting, asked him a little bit about the coat he was ironing. But clearly L'Amour was a man on a mission - he took time to say "hi" but he had work to do and I did not want to disturb him further.  "Diva"? No... Divas have minions and don't have time to say "hi" to people like me. Perfectionist, Showman, Performer, Artist, Magician, Eccentric... those are words I would probably use before "Diva". If L'Amour is a "Diva", he's totally the GOOD kind of "Diva", and not the kind that sends minions running every which and expects things to happen magically.  No, this man likes to do the work himself. I saw no minions.  I saw a very talented man, with a point of view, and flare for the dramatic. L'Amour knew he was going to put on a good show... really, he knew. After all, he had tricks up those very detailed sleeves!

And it goes like this...

Step 1: Show the dress...

Step 2: Remove the bottom half of beautiful dress.

Step 3: Wear bottom half of skirt as cape!

WHAT A SHOW OPENER!!! Jaw drop! THAT I was not expecting. At that moment I believe the exact words out of my mouth out loud were:  "I made the wrong recording device decision, didn't I?" Too late - switching to video just would have taken too much time. I really didn't want to miss out on anything with this show!

Loved the texture on this skirt.
For flare, L'Amour Ameer himself even hit the runway a few times. For example:

Step 1: Come out clean and good looking and open your bag of tricks...

Step 2: Turn said bag of tricks inside out. Reveal lipstick red fuzzy pimp coat!

Step 3: Strut your stuff and look awesome doing it! (And maybe do a little dance).

And that's how it's done by L'Amour Ameer!

Ok, maybe stealing the runway and walking in your own show several times is being a bit of a "Diva" but hey... he pulled it off in a way that made us all enjoy watching! And by the way, three costume changes back stage for himself - yeah, this man has magic tricks! (Or maybe invisible backstage minions?)

Here are some of my favorite pictures I managed to grab while trying to keep my hands steady:

Detailed jackets were a theme in this collection.

Serious detailing on the sides of this dress - not those of us sporting love handles.
By the way, this dress becomes LONGER if you want it to - easy to wear.
My favorite dress, probably the one I'd choose for myself if I had the body.

L'Amour in another one of his own looks.
I like to think of this collection as "show stopper pieces". It takes a special person with special style to pull them off. And the whole look is really a LOOK. Some of the pieces in the collection didn't look like they belonged together, and the mens jackets could have been a collection in themselves. However, I think there was something in here that would appeal to just about everyone's inner "Diva". You wear L'Amour Ameer, you're wearing art... and maybe a bag of tricks.

You can read more about L'Amour Ameer on Dayton Fashion Week's Website

And if anyone out there has video - let me know! I would love to see this show again and share it for you! This show really made my night.