Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Practicing for Dayton Fashion Week (video)


In an effort to entice you to come out and see Dayton Fashion Week's Fashion for a Cause on July 24th (TODAY), I've decided to create a little video of me practicing. Now, I am NO WHERE NEAR a seasoned model. And you know these types of show are about fun.

Bonus, I included what I WOULD have worn, and songs I ALMOST chose. You'll see that in the second half.

So here's what I learned from this practice experience:
  1. I need to stop picking my own songs - there are very clearly two songs here that I have more fun with than the one I chose.
  2. Hips! I need to move my hips - seriously... whenever I think I am doing it, I'm not.
  3. Arms! -  I have no idea what to do with them.
  4. Have a role model - clearly, I'm not Coco Rocha. And Steven Tyler is a man. I need something else.
  5. I need to remember to have FUN!!!  - Rather than focus on good, focus on fun and everything will be better.
Come out. See the show. Watch me fall on my face like Carrie Bradshaw. Go see EVERYONE ELSE! Because they are going to kill it. I'm filler, I know it. But I'll try as hard as I possibly can to kick some ass in my boots! And most importantly, participate in the silent auction and bring some clothing to donate to Clothes that Work!


P.S. Special thanks to Tonya for helping me video tape this kamikaze style in the gerbil tunnel at work. Thanks Tonya!