Monday, July 9, 2012

Quest for my Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report... and some lessons

I am headed into my last two weeks of Les Mills PUMP. I like what I see! I posted this on my own Facebook timeline so you may not have seen:

I HATE pictures of myself from the side but actually like this post-workout pic. I must be doing something right even if my food has been horrible. I also haven't been keeping track very much because it's just been hard to make myself want to record that. I'm absolutely focusing on exercise right now - keep one in check if the other one has to slip right? Anyway, I figure I should share that picture while I can. Who knows what the next two weeks will bring. Which brings me to...

Weight: 155.0 lbs (-0.0 lbs)

Note: Weight was taken on a different scale from last week, and a different scale from the week before (which, if you recall, is not my regular scale either). I can report it, but I can't trust it.

So why all the different scales?
Simply put: I have not been living in the same location each week. I've been using different scales, and I've been exposed to different eating styles. This poses some interesting weight loss challenges.

Weight Loss When Not In Your Own Kitchen/Home
We're not just talking about traveling and weight loss here - but a loss of normal routine and resources. I can handle travel and weight loss - that's EASY. You go out to eat and you make smart choices. But moving to different houses and staying with friends has a different set of challenges. Here are some of the ones I've run into:
  1. Adapting to Host's Eating Style - Sometimes this works out well. Two weeks ago I stayed with a very health-conscious friend who was "juicing". We drank juice, ate lots of veggies, hummus, and nuts. I lost weight. That's not to say I didn't have "real meals" - I absolutely did (and that includes the juices), but the food that was available to me was of a much healthier variety. Then I switched houses to a different friend who is very athletic but does not put an emphasis on food. Processed carbohydrate city! Not to mention, she doesn't keep much food around the house. I've had to assert myself and buy groceries (which I don't mind doing - I'm living on her good will right now). But it has made it difficult when wanting to find a quick healthy snack (or even mixing my shakeology in the morning). My Advice: Be upfront about your needs and do your own shopping. Chances are your host will enjoy you cooking dinner for them too. 
  2. Adapting to your Host's Drinking Style - Ok, this one is tough! When staying with friends who ask you every evening "Would you like a glass of wine?" it's really hard to say no. But sometimes you have to or just need it. Let's be honest - if you're moving around like I am you're not exactly doing it under the best circumstances. I'm not going to get into my issues here, but those glasses of wine have been helpful on a emotional level. My Advice: Allow the indulgence, just don't drink the whole bottle every night (yes... this is an area I need to work on and have needed to work on for a long while, which is why I advocate for avoidance). And get your WATER in!
  3. Adapting to Space -  As a person who likes to workout in the living room, sometimes that's not possible. Or sometimes stereo setups are just crazy different from what I'm used to. It takes patience. It means that I use the space at the host's discretion. My Advice: Get to know the system set up, and the space. Be up front with your host and ask WHEN you won't get in their way and how to put things back the way they want it. 
  4. Change in Routine - Living with people you're not used to you may be subject to their routine as well. I have gotten less sleep because my host wakes earlier than I do on the weekends. Or they are around when I want to workout (I'm self-conscious). My Advice: Get over it. Work it out how you can.
  5. Resist the Temptation NOT to Eat - Sometimes it's easier to just forget about eating. If you're experiencing grief this can also make food less desirable. Or, maybe you don't want to inconvenience your host. My Advice: Just schedule eating times and make sure you have something. Hopefully you're somewhere that the "something" is healthy (goes back to shopping for your own food). Also ask your host if you can cook.
  6. Backup Plans - You will need them!!! In unfamiliar territory I don't always get my steps in because it's too easy not to walk when I don't know where I'm going. I'm not THAT adventurous unless in a truly different country or a big city. My Advice: Get your groove on. Make friends with your iPod or streaming music system. You really don't know how many calories you will burn just dancing around the room that was lent to you by your friend. Seriously... A LOT!!!  
  7. Thank Your Friends - If you're bouncing around, remember that as much as you are out of your routine, you are invading theirs as well. My Advice: Work with them, thank them, love them. You have great friends. 
I have no idea when my situation will stabilize one way or another.I suspect I have other lessons to learn in regard to my Quest through this. My goal - just don't let that number for weight rise! After all, I have a runway show in a couple of weeks and want to look AWESOME!

(Looking AWESOME publicly can sometimes be the best revenge, right?)