Monday, July 30, 2012

Quest For My Prretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I haven't worn this dress in at least 6 years
I didn't know what to expect today when I stepped on the scale. Last week was erratic to stay the least. I didn't get ANY exercise in. I was also lucky to get in a good square healthy meal. Dayton Fashion Week ruled my life when I wasn't at my 9 to 5 job, and I was also pulling late nights (that's not over yet, by the way). But regardless, the end result was that I mostly FORGOT to eat. Not a very good thing, really. But... let's take a peek.

Weight: 153.6  (-2.2 lbs)

Ok, so assuming I get food back into my life (which I absolutely should do) then I expect this number will go up! I plan on starting Insanity (at least a hybrid program with something else) when I return from a vacation coming up - look for that toward the end of August. I'll let you know when. I always do better on a program, including remembering to eat.

That's the thing - adrenaline is not a substitution for food, even if you don't feel hungry. Remember that, ok? That's a reminder for myself.