Friday, July 13, 2012

New Store: Eclectic Essentials on 5th

So do you think something like this could sell?

Old painting of mine
Eclectic Essentials
I DO NOT WANT to answer that question right now (and anyway, it's hanging in my parent's house). However the topic did come up last night as my friend Angela and I visited a new store downtown called Eclectic Essentials. It's over on Fifth street in Dayton, a short walk from Sidebar.

There are ALL KINDS OF THINGS in this store! We spoke to Estevan Loya, owner of the store and he said that he's looking to get a wide variety of art priced to sell into his store. He's trying to feature local artists (always awesome) and get some pieces moving. Eclectic Essentials has only been open a week, and I believe they are currently featuring around 10 artists. Estevan mentioned he's hoping to get about 20, and to rotate what's being offered fairly frequently. That means YOU, frequent art buyers, should check this place out often!

What is also very cool about this store is that you will find something for every price range. Whether you're just looking to pick up arty greeting cards, or you need a $2000 photograph that's won awards - this store has it. Personally, I was more fond of the smaller (cheaper) art work - the type of items where one could build a small paneled collection or their wall. Of course, that's what I'd like to do with my home. On the other hand, if you DO want some truly strange things, you can find a sculpture of a squid!!!

If you are an artist or a student looking to start selling:
Get a hold of Estevan Loya (937-559-5103)

If you are ANYONE:
Visit Eclectic Essentials Website

If you are in Dayton or surrounding area: 
Stop in the store - 510 E. Fifth Street.

Who knows, maybe some of my old (not-so-great) oils will end up there someday. I still don't know how Angela ended up pimping my old crappy "I'm learning how to paint" paintings but she was working all the angles. Maybe it's something I'll consider. After all - she was right. My stuff is just hanging in a hallway up in my house and isn't getting appreciated by anyone, including myself. This could be a store to move some things.