Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summerland Tour 2012 - So much '90s fun!

Last night I got the opportunity to attend the Summerland 2012 tour in Cincinnati (Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, Gin Blossoms, Marcy Playground). Tickets were relatively inexpensive - probably because this is a line up that would have been ROCKING around the year 2000. However, they didn't treat us like a second class audience - they put on a great show. Here are some clips.

Marcy Playground
I only knew one song by this band (and there were only, like, 10 of us in the audience when this started... I exaggerate) but they were actually pretty good and I intend to check out more. Here's the one you and I know:


Holy mother of frak was this an awesome band to see! I honestly didn't know this band very well (just My Own Worst Enemy). But, they recently put out a new album and I'm in adoration of "Miss you Gone".

Gin Blossoms
Not my band. I skipped out to get T-shirt signed by Lit...

So...Lit Signing Pics!

Sugar Ray
The reason I came. They seriously put on a FUN show! It's not always great music, but that doesn't matter because it's next to impossible to have a bad time when they are on stage.

Mark McGrath being Goofy

We stayed for the first couple of songs and then realized we had zero interest after watching Sugar Ray. The energy was so different, and Everclear was too angsty. I have no video because, quite frankly, bored.

So in short... Sugar Ray, Lit, and Marcy Playground totally worth the price of admission if you get to see this tour. The bands are up and off stage quickly, with Mark McGrath mostly introducing bands in between, talking about their significance and killing time (and seriously, it's fun to watch him killing time). They hope to make this tour the first annual, so yes - if they come around next year I will be there!