Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video: Dresses by Tracy McElfresh - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

Tracy McElfresh Backstage

By now you know that Tracy McElfresh has been a friend of mine for quite a long while now. Her style always has a vintage throwback. And  her work is impeccable. For those of you in the Dayton are who stay plugged into the fashion scene, you know that Tracy is very involved in the local fashion and handmade community. Also, because her work is so incredibly well made, neither one of us has made a move to make ME a dress yet because my size keeps changing. But that will come. Regardless the show was absolutely Tracy, right down to the song. "Who doesn't love Ray Charles?" she told me.

This video deserves a little explanation. I had discovered that lost my keys right before Tracy McElfresh took the stage. While I was back stage looking, the first dress started walking. It just so happens that the person sitting next to me was the mother of the model in that first dress. So when I got back and asked "What did I miss?" She said "My daughter." Eeek!

At 4 pm yesterday before Tracy took the stage, she grabbed me by the arm and said "Do you want to get a drink?" and we made our way over to the Crowne Plaza for a pre-show glass of wine. We talked about how different it was for her to be in a show like Dayton Fashion Week vs the types of shows she's used to. She insisted that it was much more organized than anything she's ever been involved with before, and was absolutely thrilled that she would NOT have to cue her own models to walk down the runway (DFW had someone already set up to do that for her). In short, many of the the things that Tracy is used to doing were not her concerns the day of the show. It really made me wonder what other differences she saw between a homegrown show and a budding professionally put together event. I hope that she will share her thoughts, if not on this blog, then on her own.

Congratulations, Tracy! You are awesome!

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