Saturday, July 28, 2012

Video: Grumbage by Laura Kirkpatrick - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

As a long time America's Next Top Model fan, I was seriously geeked out over this:

Laura!!! She's totally adorable, gorgeous, and one of the sweetest people ever.

I asked Laura why "Grumbage". Yes, it's a made up word. She told me before she was a model she was an artist and Grumbage was born. She describes her style as "hipster". She also told me her father does not share her taste in clothing (which was totally endearing). I mean, really... If I could have I would have taken her out to lunch just to listen to her talk and share her stories. But girl was there to work! Take a look:

That first dress was KILLER! And I dug the lips graphic at the end. Not to mention using BUSH as her runway music... adore! I need to swap music with this girl.

Incidentally, I purchased the blue Grumbage Anchored Mermaid T-shirt. You see, my keys went missing partway through the evening. It turned out they had been missing since the start of the evening and picked up by this Grumbage Angel:

I had to buy. How could I not? And therefore, Grumbage can have space on my blog any time you want it, Ms. Kirkpatrick. Thank you and your entourage for being awesome! 

And you too can get Grumbage by Laura from their website.  I may have to go back and get the Bang Bang T as well...

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