Friday, August 31, 2012

Yes! Metallic Korto Momolu!!!!! Lord & Taylor''s Project Runway Capsule Collection

You all know I'm a big Project Runway fan. You also know I have my favorites. Korto Momolu is one of them and her dress is in the new Lord & Taylor capsule collection. Funny enough, it's the one that first caught my eye when I saw pictures. Can you spot it right away?

Top Row: Nick Verroes $275, Giordiana Gelhausen $275, Seth Aaron Henderson $275, Korto Momolu $275, Bert Keeter $328
Bottom Row: Mondo Guerra $248, Chris March $348, Jay McCarroll $298, Uli Hertzner $275 (two colors)

Yup! It's that silver metallic dress! I love the collar, neckline, detailing... everything. It retails for $275. I'm thinking about a splurge. Unfortunately, sizing information isn't available on Lord & Taylor. When I contacted customer service to ask about this, I was told "visit your local store". Well... uh... Dayton Ohio. No local store available. So I may take a guess and cross my fingers, send it back if it's wrong. Yes, it's a bit more than I want to spend on a dress but you know what? I've always wanted something designed by Korto Momolu that was more than jewelry or stationary.

The tenth dress was of course by Christopher Palu, which won last night's challenge:

Christopher Palu, $275
While I like the 10th dress, I must admit it was not my favorite that night. Melissa would have walked away easily with the "Styrch's Favorite Dress" award (if such a thing existed) if it weren't for the hem. But that's another story.

From this collection I'm also digging Giordiana Gelhausen's design  - I'm a sucker for a red dress and the back on it is awesome (go look at it on the site). I also really love Bert Keeter's dress - the lace panels are awesome. But it would be horrible on me. I'm much better sticking to  Korto or Giordiana's style I think.

Any designers catch you eye (or your wallet)?

Thank you to PR person who sent me these images. It was great to get them in my inbox this morning.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I absolutely dogged it this week. I tried to get a little Insanity in but my shoes are so worn out after Italy I just didn't have support (or traction) that I needed in my shoes to get going. So I ended up mostly walking.

Weight: 154.8 (+1.4 lb)

See I know this means that I need to rededicate myself. Hopefully with a new shoe purchase and the house to myself for a few days I can start getting something going. I know I want to add Insanity back in, but I love the results I was getting from Les Mills PUMP (Yes I know I need to write a review... you'll dig it). Hopefully I can take this week and put together a comprehensive game plan.

I discovered several eating habits that add to my enjoyment during my Italian Vacation I'd like to continue if I can figure out how to do so...
  • Prosciutto and melon - I love this treat! I just need to figure out what to do about it. It's not inherently bad but the salt content is high and also the fat, just a bit. 
  • Bottle of wine with dinner - obviously, I can't do this every night. But I think we need to pick and evening and have it be "wine night" or something. Perhaps bring in the prosecco aperitif practice I was so fond of at some of the nicer restaurants. But there's a bit of a bonding experiment
  • Fish - Actually, trout may now be allowed in my house, or grilled out. That's progress!
  • Gelato - Ok, this can go away admittedly (it's just not as good here) but  I'd like to have SOMETHING that can be a good treat. We all know I have a few - I need to get back into this practice of healthier deserts.
Anyway, the addition of some of this practice into my diet and lack of exercise has been some of my problem here. Moderation and substitution. I will need to do this.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

So I spent the past two weeks in Italy. I went all over Rome (stops in Naples, Pompeii, Tivoli), Florence (stop in Siena) and Venice. I walked a TON. I ate a TON. Did expect to lose weight? Not at all. Things have changed since I was last in Italy (12 years ago) and that means supersized meals, super sized prices. I plan on writing up quite a bit about how things have changed but that matters little to this post. The important thing you know is that there are two things that affected this number:


Meals, in general
Weight: 153.4 (+ 2.4 lbs)

That's actually less than I thought it would be but I suspect it'll take a bit to even out. In my defense, I walked around 25000 steps a day for 11 days straight. No joke. That's more than double my usual amount. And yes, my feet still hurt. Am I upset at the gain? How could I be? I was on my FIRST non-US vacation without work attached since my honeymoon 8 years ago. 

But I can't wait to show you pictures. I just have to pick my favorites! Be prepared to get an overload of a look into my real life - that which I love - very soon. Hopefully it'll give you some travel ideas.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pieces of Style - Centerville Boutique Shows at Dayton Fashion Week

Adore this grommet detail dress with gold shoes!
For about two weeks now I've been going "Where are my images or video from Pieces of Style?" Then today I realized that I had them mixed in with my Vigold Creations images. Oh dear! What a horrible mistake! I apologize to both Vigold and Pieces of Style for this error. So, later than I'd like, here's my take on Pieces of Style's show.

I love this color blocked dress! Orange shows up again...
Courtney in a low cut print dress.
Pieces of Style  didn't show very many items at Dayton Fashion Week (one of the reasons I screwed up in my labeling). Of course, as a boutique, I'd expect a small show. And as a small show, I'm sure they chose their pieces very deliberately.  I really enjoyed what was shown. The dresses displayed were very wearable, had interesting details (color blocking, grommets, texture). Some dresses could be dressed up or down depending on how it was styled. Most of the items were clean, wearable by many ages and different women - all great things for retail, right?  Based on what I saw, I really want to visit the boutique and see if the pieces in the boutique are consistent. Here are some more images:

Pink dress with shoulder detail.

Color blocked dress with textured top. This was not a favorite of mine.

Black dress with cut outs - interesting trim.
My favorite pieces were the Orange, Green, and Blue color blocked dress and the turquoise grommet dress (you know this if you read my error riddled Vigold Creations write up). I'm curious about what else this boutique has in store and will have to go have a look soon!

If you're local you can visit Pieces of Style:
18 West Franklin Street  Dayton, OH 45459

You can find Pieces of Style on Facebook.
For more information on Pieces of Style, please see Dayton Fashion Week's website.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vigold Creations - An Interesting Mix Dayton Fashion Week

I am the first to admit I'd never heard of  Vigold Creations before Dayton Fashion Week. That's true for a lot of DFW's designers, actually. From my understanding they are a fashion house originally out of Nigeria and have outfitted many a prestigious customer. I remember being impressed by what they showed at Dayton Fashion Week - there were many pieces that were easily accessible and wearable, pieces for various sizes, and some pieces that stretched the boundaries of what I personally would consider wearable. Would you like to see some of my favorites? Great! Because I'd like to share them!

Beautiful golden asymmetrical dress.
Mermaid skirts were popular in longer dresses in this collection.

This gold dress with purple shoes was easily one of my favorites.
I thought this collection's strengths were in mixing fabrics in interesting ways (see gold dress). Rare was the dress made of simply one print or one fabric. Often trims were accented with different patterns, which I quite liked. I also enjoyed when the pieces took on a bit of a different structure through the manipulation of the fabric.

What I didn't like was that some of these pieces went a little too far - cut outs AND mixed fabrics (an example would be the blue and yellow dress above). I thought the styles were best executed when they kept to color blocking (or even texture blocking - lace under the  gold dress for example). But that's just my taste in clothing - you may have a different opinion.

 I have two dresses I liked quite a bit with this collection:
  • The Asymmetrical gold lace dress.
  • The gold dress with the lace dress (paired beautifully with purple pumps, by the way).
There was also this denim number that did not turn out perfectly on my camera, but you'll get the idea.

  Check out the shorts…
I so wish this picture hadn't been blurry - I loved the detailing!
I totally want those shorts!!! Not that my butt can fit into them. But how cute are they??? I love them!

Anyway, being a fashion house I am curious to see more. I want to see which pieces belonged to which designers within the house, how their individual styles differed. I want to know more about how  Vigold Creations runs. I may never learn, but to see such a mix of styles was interesting to say the least. Did you have any favorites in the collection? Let me know!

For more images of Vigold Creations collection please visit Pretty in Dayton on Facebook to view the photo gallery.

For more informationon Vigold Creations please visit Dayton Fashion Week.

Updated: Previous write up had a couple dresses from Pieces of Style in the mix. The post has been updated. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jamila Jones - Emerging Designer At Dayton Fashion Week

Party in the back on the skirt!
If you haven't heard of Jamila Jones, it's probably because she's definitely in the "Emerging" category for designers. She's only 18 years old and is just starting out her designer career by studying in Cincinnati (originally born in Dayton). I applaud her for showing at Dayton Fashion Week! What an accomplishment to get a runway show out at 18! Maybe she's shown her collection at other times - I don't know. But a Freshman in college and she's showing at DFW? That's awesome!

This was a small collection with a whimsical, almost beachy feel at times. When I look at all the images I took of her show sometimes the items feel like they don't belong together. But there are themes: Strapless dress/tops, skirts with long backs and short fronts, and interesting color combinations. And occasionally we got a big floppy hat! Want to see more of what Jamila chose to share with us? Lets have a look at some of my favorites:

Note: This collection was shown on the day I was still learning how to use my camera. Blurry - so I tried to choose some of the better pictures I had.

Lace top with long semi-sheer skirt

I had a talk with one of the formal photographers for Dayton Fashion Week about this outfit. He said he liked it because he was "a guy". I like it because I'm a girl - it's feminine and flirty. The skirt's play on opacity is super fun. And I really dig the colors.

And something interesting - tent dress in Orange. 

Not sure why, but Orange really stuck out to me on the runway during DFW. And this was one of my favorites. I like how the back is longer than the front on this SHORT dress. I might not be able to pull it off due to it's volume, but I know some friends on whom this would look lovely.

Purple top with pink print skirt

This  reminded me of the 80's just a bit. I think it might be the styling. But I liked it. I am a fan of the colors in particular. I don't know if this is one piece or two, but either way I really like the skirt!

I think for my favorite pieces I tended to choose the ones that were closer to my age. I have a bias, what can I say?

So what do YOU think? Can you help me make up my mind on this collection? I am curious to hear your thoughts. How do you think this 18 year old designer did at Dayton Fashion Week? I think she could be off to a good start. Certainly things that would appeal to many, and some that stretch the boundaries. I want to see where this girl goes!

For more images ofJamila Jones collection please visit Pretty in Dayton on Facebook to view thephoto gallery. 

 More information onJamila Jones, please see Dayton Fashion Week.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dame Shepp - Custom Menswear Designer at Dayton Fashion Week

Blessed Boatwright wearing awesome shorts and a fun T-shirt with Sewing Machine print!

Dame Shepp Design Concept by Damien Sheppard (Columbus, Ohio) is another custom clothing label presented at Dayton Fashion Week. The cool thing here is that this show was entirely centered around menswear. DFW featured many women-only designers, several mixed designers - but I think Dame Shepp was the only ENTIRELY male-centered show. Yes, that's right - Custom menswear. Awesome!

And of course, I have camera issues...

The dreaded problem of light colors, new camera, and a bright stage!
Concerning my images for this show, I had difficulty. I was learning my camera, many of the clothing options were light in color and the detail did not come out as well as I'd like. I also had a nice head of blond hair in front of me that kept pulling the focus of my camera. In short, I encourage you to look at Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook Page which definitely has better images than mine here. However, since I do have images... Let's see some images:

Really digging this vest.

Model William Willet in an easy to wear button down.

Short sleeve polo and knee length shorts, looking good.

Pants with a different pattern if you prefer, and... PINK SHIRT!  YAY!

Now, I have to say that while these styles (to me) did not necessarily look all that different from what you can find in some mall stores, I could absolutely see men I know wearing these clothes and looking good in them. And maybe "mall store" isn't such a bad descriptor because it probably also means people would buy these clothing items. Don't these guys look relaxed? Polo shirts, button down, slightly longer than knee length shorts - yes I could see guys relaxing in the back yard over a barbecue or even hanging out around town. Some of the shirts could even work in a relaxed workplace.

Personally my favorite pieces in the collection were the vests. There's something about the vest over the t-shirt styling in these pieces that just looks really well put together, yet not over doing the tailoring and keeping the look very relaxed. Honestly, I could even see my husband even pulling out some of these styles quite nicely.

What do you think? Will men go for the custom clothing idea the same way women seem to go for it?

For more of Pretty in Dayton images, please visit Pretty in Dayton's Facebook page. Otherwise, I do suggest checking out (better) images on Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook page.

For more information you can find Dame Shepp on Facebook.

Catou by Berny Martin - Clean Cut, Taylored Style at Dayton Fashion Week

Model Blessed Boatwright in Berny Martin
Lurking on Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook Page and through Google I think I've pieced together that Berny Martin founded a line called Catou, and started Midwest Fashion Week.  On all the material I had from Fashion Week I only saw the name "Berny Martin", not Catou. So hopefully, I have attributed this correctly (please, Mr, Martin - if I have erred, let me know).   After seeing so many shows that featured clothing of the fun, flashy, fluffy, draped variety, Berny Martin brought refreshing elegance.

On the Topic of Suits...
Lisa Scott of the Beaute Box and I sat and watched this show, picking out our favorite pieces. I talked to her about how I'm not a "suit person." She insisted that no, I could wear a suit if I wanted to. I have in the past but not really enjoyed it. Regardless, they do look sharp on some people. And these models looked sharp in this clothing! Have a look at some more pictures.

Model Kevin Lee Walker

Model Iain Steele - I'll be honest, I didn't "get" this outfit.
LOVED this dress! The back is all dark!!!! AWESOME!

More my speed: Skirt and top!
Model Josh Grooms

I was a little confused by the sudden military jacket, but I love it!

Model Aubé Linda Rachel Jolicoeur.

When you open the larger image, it's pinstriped!

Shiny suit!!! So hard to get on camera for me...
Thank goodness I had finally learned how to take pictures with my camera by the time this show started! Everything would have been completely washed out otherwise. Seriously, these clothes looked great on everyone in the show. I think, particularly for the men, this was a great show.

Check out more Catou on their webpage.

You can find more images from this show on Pretty in Dayton's Facebook page.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Serket Jewelry at Dayton Fashion Week

Model Kayla Essex
Before the runway show at Dayton Fashion Week, the only exposure I had with Serket Jewelery was at the
Model Aubé Linda Rachel Jolicoeur
Sunwatch shoot I referenced in my interview with Iain Steele. But the entire duration of Fashion Week I kept hearing mutterings from various models about "whole body" jewelry, and comments about being blown away by the designs. From my understanding, Serket Jewelry designs one of a kind pieces and specializes in tailoring jewelry to the individual wearer. I think that's pretty cool, don't you?

Model Kevin Lee Walker
The show itself was definitely one of the more interesting - the theme was the Matador. Bulls and fighters were represented throughout the show. The models walked incredibly slowly, which made it easy to take pictures, but I wondered if that was also taking into consideration the intricate nature of some of the designs or even personal preference of the designer. Either way I'm glad I took pictures instead of simply video taping these designs! It was a very long show to watch - but amazing.

Unlike other jewelry shows in DFW, this show featured models wearing a variety of clothing. Sometimes it became difficult to tell what was the jewelry and what was the clothing. I wanted to look at everything all at once. In many ways I prefer the method of showing "jewelry with one outfit" presentation style  (I could easily tell what I was suppose to see), but I appreciate the theatricality of Serket. And occasionally, seeing the jewelry with an appropriate piece of clothing really did help, as in the case of the dress with the beaded overly (pictured directly below).

My favorite piece: Model Brooke Selander
Can't you just see something like that belonging in your closet to dress up that sheath you don't wear very often (or maybe one you wear so much you need something to spice it up)? I could.

Let's take a look at some more pictures...

Model Katie Christ
Model Andrea Mann
Model Amber Johnson
Model Josh Grooms

Model Dana Longshaw
Model Ceili Fitzpatrick

Model Grace Longshaw
Seriously, there were just so many wonderful opportunities to take pictures during this show. I have quite a few more on the Pretty in Dayton Facebook page and I encourage you to browse through them. Most of the models have tagged themselves, so you can find alternate shots of the Serket show pretty easily.

You can learn more about Serket Jewelry from their website, or from Dayton Fashion Week.