Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1847 & Co. Gbelley Taylor presents Bobelle Collection at Dayton Fashion Week

How fun is this outfit?? Seriously...

Loved this look. Wish my picture was better.
I find it interesting that one of my favorite shows of the Emerging Designers and Ready to Wear segment of Dayton Fashion Week was born in Liberia who now resides in Pennsylvania. Gbelley Taylor, the designer mind behind the label 1847 and Co. debuted her collection Bobelle at Dayton Fashion Week. I really did enjoy it.

What I Thought In General
This particular collection had some of the most interesting prints I saw during the duration of  Dayton Fashion Week. I also liked the African spin on some of the pieces, the way the dresses flowed, and how they draped. I could easily see these being go-to wardrobe pieces with their light-easy to wear feel.

Some trends you will notice:
High waists, short skirts, repeated prints, pairing prints with busy t-shirts and pulling it off.  And everyone wearing these outfits seemed very natural in them too, which is quite different from other shows during the week.  I hope that says something about comfort.

I think I need this skirt!

Ah, not just women! I dig the cowl. I wonder if the jeans are also 1847 & Co.

I'm really digging the sash. As separates these would be fun.

This suit was pretty cool. I want the jacket. :)

Yihudeet Morgan looking awesome - too bad I got her eyes closed. But these pants are fun!

Emily Goodman (model)  has about 16 likes on my Facebook page with this photo.
I like the print on this, but the design... still not into puffy shoulders.

And you totally have to see this particular piece. I just adored it. It has a trick!!! Watch Olivia pull this off...



I love it when pieces are like that. I like this dress with the skirt as well as when it's just the short dress. That's pretty darn fun!

Overall, the show did what I think a good fashion show should do - keep me interested and wanting to learn more. I hope to see more of 1847 and Co.soon. I think Gbelley Taylor is  definitely a designer to watch.

You can learn more about 1847 and Co. on Dayton Fashion Week's page, or visit 1847 and Co.'s Facebook page.

Updated: Wording error on birth and residence location. Now correct.