Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catou by Berny Martin - Clean Cut, Taylored Style at Dayton Fashion Week

Model Blessed Boatwright in Berny Martin
Lurking on Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook Page and through Google I think I've pieced together that Berny Martin founded a line called Catou, and started Midwest Fashion Week.  On all the material I had from Fashion Week I only saw the name "Berny Martin", not Catou. So hopefully, I have attributed this correctly (please, Mr, Martin - if I have erred, let me know).   After seeing so many shows that featured clothing of the fun, flashy, fluffy, draped variety, Berny Martin brought refreshing elegance.

On the Topic of Suits...
Lisa Scott of the Beaute Box and I sat and watched this show, picking out our favorite pieces. I talked to her about how I'm not a "suit person." She insisted that no, I could wear a suit if I wanted to. I have in the past but not really enjoyed it. Regardless, they do look sharp on some people. And these models looked sharp in this clothing! Have a look at some more pictures.

Model Kevin Lee Walker

Model Iain Steele - I'll be honest, I didn't "get" this outfit.
LOVED this dress! The back is all dark!!!! AWESOME!

More my speed: Skirt and top!
Model Josh Grooms

I was a little confused by the sudden military jacket, but I love it!

Model Aubé Linda Rachel Jolicoeur.

When you open the larger image, it's pinstriped!

Shiny suit!!! So hard to get on camera for me...
Thank goodness I had finally learned how to take pictures with my camera by the time this show started! Everything would have been completely washed out otherwise. Seriously, these clothes looked great on everyone in the show. I think, particularly for the men, this was a great show.

Check out more Catou on their webpage.

You can find more images from this show on Pretty in Dayton's Facebook page.