Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dame Shepp - Custom Menswear Designer at Dayton Fashion Week

Blessed Boatwright wearing awesome shorts and a fun T-shirt with Sewing Machine print!

Dame Shepp Design Concept by Damien Sheppard (Columbus, Ohio) is another custom clothing label presented at Dayton Fashion Week. The cool thing here is that this show was entirely centered around menswear. DFW featured many women-only designers, several mixed designers - but I think Dame Shepp was the only ENTIRELY male-centered show. Yes, that's right - Custom menswear. Awesome!

And of course, I have camera issues...

The dreaded problem of light colors, new camera, and a bright stage!
Concerning my images for this show, I had difficulty. I was learning my camera, many of the clothing options were light in color and the detail did not come out as well as I'd like. I also had a nice head of blond hair in front of me that kept pulling the focus of my camera. In short, I encourage you to look at Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook Page which definitely has better images than mine here. However, since I do have images... Let's see some images:

Really digging this vest.

Model William Willet in an easy to wear button down.

Short sleeve polo and knee length shorts, looking good.

Pants with a different pattern if you prefer, and... PINK SHIRT!  YAY!

Now, I have to say that while these styles (to me) did not necessarily look all that different from what you can find in some mall stores, I could absolutely see men I know wearing these clothes and looking good in them. And maybe "mall store" isn't such a bad descriptor because it probably also means people would buy these clothing items. Don't these guys look relaxed? Polo shirts, button down, slightly longer than knee length shorts - yes I could see guys relaxing in the back yard over a barbecue or even hanging out around town. Some of the shirts could even work in a relaxed workplace.

Personally my favorite pieces in the collection were the vests. There's something about the vest over the t-shirt styling in these pieces that just looks really well put together, yet not over doing the tailoring and keeping the look very relaxed. Honestly, I could even see my husband even pulling out some of these styles quite nicely.

What do you think? Will men go for the custom clothing idea the same way women seem to go for it?

For more of Pretty in Dayton images, please visit Pretty in Dayton's Facebook page. Otherwise, I do suggest checking out (better) images on Dayton Fashion Week's Facebook page.

For more information you can find Dame Shepp on Facebook.