Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dlang Clothing - Awesomeness at Dayton Fashion Week

Wearing Dlang - Model Olivia Nicole Nichols

Dlang Clothing, I believe, was a late addition to Dayton Fashion Week. I am so excited to say that I enjoyed the collection very much. I don't know much about Dlang, except that the designer's name is Dlang Ferguson and she's based out of Indianapolis.

I don't want to say too much... I just want to show you the collection because it was truly beautiful.

Model Sarah Hoover
Model Sara Sorg wearing the dress *I* would wear.

Model Shatema Fergus

Model Jaylen Snider

Model Jaquanna Underwood

Model Megan Krug

Model Shampain Simms

Had to show this twice. :)

Model Denise Moore

Model Yihudeet Morgan

Yihudeet again, because I LOVE this picture I took of her.

Oliva's dress was SUCH A SHOWSTOPPER!!!

Dlang Designers
Seriously, this collection just made me excited to use my new camera. I can only imagine what the professional photographers actually thought once these designs hit the runway. I'm not a great photographer, but I had so much fun with these.

Overall, I could see these dresses being worn not only by younger women looking for a great prom, or even for more red-carpet worthy events. Really, these dresses have quite a variety of uses. And the coat worn by Denise Moore was one of the most covetable coats presented during the two main days of Dayton Fashion Week. I remember Lisa Scott and I looking at each other and saying "Wow - yeah I'd wear that!" and we honestly didn't always agree. To me that says a lot!

My favorite pieces were the ones worn by Sara and Olivia. I don't have need for a dress like the red one Olivia is wearing, but wow... People kept talking about her entrance and performance in that dress all night and beyond. I love it when you see something that leaves that type of impression! Thank you, Dlang, for putting on a truly enjoyable show!

Special thanks to Quintin Ross who helped me get the names of all the models for this runway show.

You can find Dlang Ferguson on Facebook.
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