Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ill-La-La Designs - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

The "La-La" Girls Posing.
If wild prints are your thing, then Ill-La-La Designs is a designer for you! I learned about Ill-La-La through the Cheryl Yager, the mother of model Emily Yager, who sat with me during most of the last two days of Dayton Fashion Week. In fact Cheryl recorded Grumbage for me (which is pretty awesome). So when I got a chance to meet her daughter back stage in Ill-La-La I took pictures:

Ms. Emily Yager in Ill-La-La... love the "pout"!
Coincidentally, the dress Emily is wearing became my favorite piece of the entire show.

I could tell the models were having fun in the outfits too. You can just feel that sort of vibe when you're walking around back stage at a show. They grin, they start posing, they laugh... and you LOVE IT! And if they are having fun in their clothing, chances are it's going to be a fun show. At least that was my experience watching this show prep back stage. For example...

Iain Steele in Ill-La-La
Here's model Iain Steel in an Ill-La-La shirt. Can you imagine seeing this shirt on a rack and what you'd think? I remember asking him about the shirt and he said he wasn't sure about it at first, but it works! Of course, he can pull off just about anything you put on him (seriously, he and Emily did a Twilight inspired shoot for Fashion Index Quarterly magazine and he carried off dark black lipstick quite well... show you later at some point I'm sure).
Anyway, on to the show. Men and women alike... here's something for you!

Yes, that's running commentary by myself and Lisa Scott again...

I am very glad I taped this. I don't think it would have done the designs justice to see them only in stills. Sometimes it's just like that. What did you think? I love the prints and the "beachy" feel of these designs. They seem like a ton of fun to wear. And certainly the models enjoyed them.

Pssst! Don't you think this model looks like the spitting image of Rachel McAdams???


She gets it all the time she says. (I know how she feels... I used to get Meg Ryan and Alicia Silverstone on a daily basis when I was younger). I'm sure this model will look back on the comparison fondly. Wish I could remember her name... 

Note toRachel McAdams: if you EVER read my blog you have a stunt double waiting over here at Dayton Fashion Week. And you might look just as awesome in this dress!

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