Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jamila Jones - Emerging Designer At Dayton Fashion Week

Party in the back on the skirt!
If you haven't heard of Jamila Jones, it's probably because she's definitely in the "Emerging" category for designers. She's only 18 years old and is just starting out her designer career by studying in Cincinnati (originally born in Dayton). I applaud her for showing at Dayton Fashion Week! What an accomplishment to get a runway show out at 18! Maybe she's shown her collection at other times - I don't know. But a Freshman in college and she's showing at DFW? That's awesome!

This was a small collection with a whimsical, almost beachy feel at times. When I look at all the images I took of her show sometimes the items feel like they don't belong together. But there are themes: Strapless dress/tops, skirts with long backs and short fronts, and interesting color combinations. And occasionally we got a big floppy hat! Want to see more of what Jamila chose to share with us? Lets have a look at some of my favorites:

Note: This collection was shown on the day I was still learning how to use my camera. Blurry - so I tried to choose some of the better pictures I had.

Lace top with long semi-sheer skirt

I had a talk with one of the formal photographers for Dayton Fashion Week about this outfit. He said he liked it because he was "a guy". I like it because I'm a girl - it's feminine and flirty. The skirt's play on opacity is super fun. And I really dig the colors.

And something interesting - tent dress in Orange. 

Not sure why, but Orange really stuck out to me on the runway during DFW. And this was one of my favorites. I like how the back is longer than the front on this SHORT dress. I might not be able to pull it off due to it's volume, but I know some friends on whom this would look lovely.

Purple top with pink print skirt

This  reminded me of the 80's just a bit. I think it might be the styling. But I liked it. I am a fan of the colors in particular. I don't know if this is one piece or two, but either way I really like the skirt!

I think for my favorite pieces I tended to choose the ones that were closer to my age. I have a bias, what can I say?

So what do YOU think? Can you help me make up my mind on this collection? I am curious to hear your thoughts. How do you think this 18 year old designer did at Dayton Fashion Week? I think she could be off to a good start. Certainly things that would appeal to many, and some that stretch the boundaries. I want to see where this girl goes!

For more images ofJamila Jones collection please visit Pretty in Dayton on Facebook to view thephoto gallery. 

 More information onJamila Jones, please see Dayton Fashion Week.