Wednesday, August 1, 2012

J'Norreh by Nakeisha Maroney - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

I'm not going to lie - I hope I credited this post and video correctly.

Nakeisha Maroney of J'Norreh is not someone I have heard of before. Apparently, Nakeisha is a model and even WALKED several times down the runway last week (including the L'Amour Ameer show I think). That knowlege comes from Facebook so it must be true, right? Oh the power of Facebook!

I was a fan of her designs before I ever saw Nakeisha's designs on the runway. Why? because Caressa Brown, Dayton Fashion Week's Director of Operations, wore a very enviable dress to Ready-to-Wear night made by the designer. Check it out:

Now I know that isn't the best shot ever. My excuse is that I didn't quite know my camera and how to deal with the lighting on Day 4 of Dayton Fashion Week, but isn't it just a gorgeous dress? Of course it's on a gorgeous woman too and that definitely helps.

Here is Caressa again with Dominique form America's Next Top Model (yes she sat in front of me at the show - how much of a geek am I?):

Seriously, how did I get surrounded by such GORGEOUS people??? In such GORGEOUS clothing???

But lets take a look at the runway show, shall we?

My running commentary on this video...

Had to get a screen cap.
It's really easy to see why Dayton Fashion Week chose to close Day 4 with J'Norreh. I dig the body hugging clothing, the mix of colors, the mix of patterns on the fabrics. I'm curious to see how these styles will "size up" for some of use who are a bit more curvy. There ARE designs in here for models who aren't sticks, which is nice

I love with the black dress - the second dress of the show. The back is just too much fun. I love little details like that. I know we've seen them before, but it is a treat when the model turns around and you see something unexpected.

I was a little nervous about dresses that were long and difficult to walk in (awesome one shoulder purple dress - model had trouble). For me, the top was really great. But when I see a professional model struggling (and succeeding, however) with her steps in an opening that doesn't quite give enough I worry just a bit about how someone like me might be able to wear it.. or trip.

I really loved the purple hoodie romper, even if it did look a little like "fight ring girl". That's not entirely a bad thing.  It still is a LOOK and the right person a can pull it off. Plus it just looked comfortable!

GREAT end to a show!!!
The easiest thing to wear I saw was this awesome green, and purple and pink dress with a gold sash... you saw it in that video right? Plunging v-neck, tight everywhere else - awesome.

I especially adored the brown dresses with the zebra print accents. I COVET  the designs and fabric choices, seriously. In fact, I told the designer I loved them already. We're talking...

A Plea...
I will need to have something from Ms. Nakeisha Maroney in my closet soon. I was just saying to Leslie Heck, of Fashion Index Quarterly, that I am in need of a good cocktail dress! Perhaps this designer can help me with a good cocktail style!

Find Nakeisha Maroney of J'Norreh on Facebook.

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