Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kerapa Klothing - Local Designer Sonya Mills Grabs Our Attention at Dayton Fashion Week

When you open a show with this, you've got our attention!

Model Kevin Lee Walker
Mostly because, I think, we don't know quite what to think. But we do know how to take pictures!

I don't know how many of us had heard of local Dayton designer Sonya Mills or Kerapa Klothing, but when we saw that man lumbering down the runway with sunglasses, speakers, tight shorts, and combat boots we all started snapping pictures. The woman I was sitting next to later confessed she took about 27 shots of the man. But enough about him, lets get to the clothing!

I suppose being from Dayton I should not be surprised that the designs seemed largely influenced by military prints and styles. I was curious about the mix of crochet as well. Overall, a curious collection. Here are some more images:

Just for repetition...

I really liked this outfit, being

Model Blessed Boatwright
Model Jaylin Snider

Grace and Dana Longshaw Together!!!!

Model China Phillips

I think my favorite camera opportunity I got out of this show was Grace and Dana Longshaw walking side by side. I wish more shows had done this. It was so cute! Plus I love the dress. You can view more pictures of mine on Pretty in Dayton Facebook page.

You can learn more about Kerapa Klothing on Dayton Fashion Week's Website
You can also visit Kerapa Klothing Co. on the web.