Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meet Iain Steele - A Male Model's View of Dayton Fashion Week

Let me introduce you to Iain Steele.

Iain in Bernie Martin
He was one of my favorite models during the Model Casting I attended (the pictures in his book were AWESOME and he incredible confidence). He also attended every one of the events that I attended (including the Hair Battle) during Dayton Fashion Week. In addition, when push came to shove, his mother stood up and volunteered her time and energy as well to helping the show go on. So by the end of Dayton Fashion Week, Iain was one of the few models who would smile and say "hi" when he say little old me walking around with nothing to do but observe. When all was said and done I thought "I want to interview this kid." So that's exactly what I did. Let's get to know Iain, shall we?

Age, where you're based, agency if any?
I am 16, signed with MTM/free lance model
Iain in Dame Shepp Design Concepts
Tell me a little bit about yourself - just what you want people to know, of course.
I model, obviously, ha! I'm 6'3, I LOVE music - I play piano, I dabble in guitar a little bit, I sing and write songs almost everyday. When I'm trying to fall asleep I can't because I'm constantly thinking of song lyrics. I draw inspiration from Lady Gaga, (of course), Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Kimbra, modern pop music, 70's rock, and 80's pop. Music is first and foremost in my life, but modeling is a CLOSE second.
When did you start modeling and why?
I've been modeling since I was 13? I believe, I started in the summer of 2009. I started because I watch America's next top model RELIGIOUSLY! Still do - that's why meeting Laura [Kirkpatrick] was such a big deal! I love edgy clothes, black, tight, or black with a pop of color, studs, leather jackets -  like a rocker meets Adam Lambert, meets Lady Gaga. That's the field of modeling I strive to be apart of - high fashion.
I remember you from casting. What was that process like for you?
The Casting was fun. IT WAS COLD! I remember standing in the rain and cold trying not to complain or let my discomfort show. Ceili Fitzpatrick is actually the one who told me about it.  If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have known! So god bless her!
You were really involved with Dayton Fashion Week, as was your mother. How did you end up getting so involved? More importantly, what kept you motivated?
Honestly what kept me motivated was how everyone said I was their favorite and they saw my potential to really go somewhere. It made me feel like I had a good support group behind me that was going to support me with anything I decide to do.  I really liked everyone who was part of the staff. I understood how stressful it was to put it together. I tried to stay out of everyone's way, just show up and do what was asked of me!
Serket Shoot by Lamar Pacley of Shuttereye Photo
You had a photoshoot with Serket Jewelry at Sunwatch. I loved how your pictures turned out. Even my husband loved how your pictures turned out (and fashion really isn't his thing). What was it like doing that shoot?
That shoot was AMAZING! Like I told you, I was a little apprehensive at first about the dark make-up but i think it all turned out well in the end. Good feed back is always helpful and a great confidence boost. Who doesn't love attentions and compliments! But most importantly I hope the designer was happy with how things turned out.
By far the majority of the designs and models for Dayton Fashion Week were female. What was your experience like as a male model?
Being a male model, things were more laid back. We didn't have to go through as much hair and make-up, less fittings, ect. and a lot of waiting around. I didn't mind I made a lot of new friends and meet new people. It was a great experience overall!
You certainly were one of the people who were got to walk the most, it seemed like. How did you keep up with the schedule? What were your biggest challenges?
The schedule didn't seem to bad. I didn't have one show after another so I had time to change,  line up and relax for a moment or two before walking again. But once I walked if I had another show I would just run off, change, return the clothes from the previous designer, and get ready for the next line-up!
Who were your favorite designers?
Amy Longo - you could tell what were her designs. She let her personality shine through her clothes! I also liked Grumbrage by Laura Kirkpartick, and Serket! I LOVED all of it! I got a chance to sneak in and watch a little bit, AMAZING! [Lyn Bucalo of Serket] is amazing! I'm glad I got to model for her. It goes back to what i said earlier about my favorite kind of style, edgy! It was just great and of course all the designers were amazing!
What's the craziest thing that happened to you as a result of being involved with Dayton Fashion Week?
Actually today I was at Subway in Goshen, where I live, which is almost an hour from Dayton. A popular girl from school who I've never spoken too started complimenting me and talking to me about my modeling.  If you saw me, you never would of thought I modeled - I just got off work. I do landscaping and had been weed eating all day! I had this cut out white shirt, stained cargo shorts, COVERED in grass clippings and this Reds hat that used to be white... but now its gross from wearing it at work. sunglasses and a horrible sunburn! I was not in the mood to be seen like that and I just wanted my food. I thought all the grass and sunglasses was enough of a disguise. I guess not.
Full outfit from Bernie Martin
Now that the week is over, what are you going to be doing next?
I am going to send out some Polaroids to some agencies, work with a local photographer, find more work, get some studio time, put an album together, and become famous! That's always is the goal isn't it?
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
I would like to say thank you to all involved with Dayton Fashion Week. Thank you for the opportunity and thanks for believing in me! I hope now I can take all the experience I've gained and go out in the modeling world, or music world and show my determination. I have dreams, and I feel them getting closer and closer everyday! I once read a quote that said " A dream is something you can't go a day with out thinking about" and I know I can do it. I encourage anyone else who feels the same to never give up!
Special thanks to Iain for allowing me to interview him, his wonderful mother for agreeing. Also thank you to Lamar Pacley of Shuttereye Photo for use of his image from Serket shoot at Sunwatch. And thank you to Leslie Heck for allowing me to use the image from Fashion Index Quarterly Magazine