Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pieces of Style - Centerville Boutique Shows at Dayton Fashion Week

Adore this grommet detail dress with gold shoes!
For about two weeks now I've been going "Where are my images or video from Pieces of Style?" Then today I realized that I had them mixed in with my Vigold Creations images. Oh dear! What a horrible mistake! I apologize to both Vigold and Pieces of Style for this error. So, later than I'd like, here's my take on Pieces of Style's show.

I love this color blocked dress! Orange shows up again...
Courtney in a low cut print dress.
Pieces of Style  didn't show very many items at Dayton Fashion Week (one of the reasons I screwed up in my labeling). Of course, as a boutique, I'd expect a small show. And as a small show, I'm sure they chose their pieces very deliberately.  I really enjoyed what was shown. The dresses displayed were very wearable, had interesting details (color blocking, grommets, texture). Some dresses could be dressed up or down depending on how it was styled. Most of the items were clean, wearable by many ages and different women - all great things for retail, right?  Based on what I saw, I really want to visit the boutique and see if the pieces in the boutique are consistent. Here are some more images:

Pink dress with shoulder detail.

Color blocked dress with textured top. This was not a favorite of mine.

Black dress with cut outs - interesting trim.
My favorite pieces were the Orange, Green, and Blue color blocked dress and the turquoise grommet dress (you know this if you read my error riddled Vigold Creations write up). I'm curious about what else this boutique has in store and will have to go have a look soon!

If you're local you can visit Pieces of Style:
18 West Franklin Street  Dayton, OH 45459

You can find Pieces of Style on Facebook.
For more information on Pieces of Style, please see Dayton Fashion Week's website.