Monday, August 20, 2012

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

So I spent the past two weeks in Italy. I went all over Rome (stops in Naples, Pompeii, Tivoli), Florence (stop in Siena) and Venice. I walked a TON. I ate a TON. Did expect to lose weight? Not at all. Things have changed since I was last in Italy (12 years ago) and that means supersized meals, super sized prices. I plan on writing up quite a bit about how things have changed but that matters little to this post. The important thing you know is that there are two things that affected this number:


Meals, in general
Weight: 153.4 (+ 2.4 lbs)

That's actually less than I thought it would be but I suspect it'll take a bit to even out. In my defense, I walked around 25000 steps a day for 11 days straight. No joke. That's more than double my usual amount. And yes, my feet still hurt. Am I upset at the gain? How could I be? I was on my FIRST non-US vacation without work attached since my honeymoon 8 years ago. 

But I can't wait to show you pictures. I just have to pick my favorites! Be prepared to get an overload of a look into my real life - that which I love - very soon. Hopefully it'll give you some travel ideas.