Monday, August 27, 2012

Quest For My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

I absolutely dogged it this week. I tried to get a little Insanity in but my shoes are so worn out after Italy I just didn't have support (or traction) that I needed in my shoes to get going. So I ended up mostly walking.

Weight: 154.8 (+1.4 lb)

See I know this means that I need to rededicate myself. Hopefully with a new shoe purchase and the house to myself for a few days I can start getting something going. I know I want to add Insanity back in, but I love the results I was getting from Les Mills PUMP (Yes I know I need to write a review... you'll dig it). Hopefully I can take this week and put together a comprehensive game plan.

I discovered several eating habits that add to my enjoyment during my Italian Vacation I'd like to continue if I can figure out how to do so...
  • Prosciutto and melon - I love this treat! I just need to figure out what to do about it. It's not inherently bad but the salt content is high and also the fat, just a bit. 
  • Bottle of wine with dinner - obviously, I can't do this every night. But I think we need to pick and evening and have it be "wine night" or something. Perhaps bring in the prosecco aperitif practice I was so fond of at some of the nicer restaurants. But there's a bit of a bonding experiment
  • Fish - Actually, trout may now be allowed in my house, or grilled out. That's progress!
  • Gelato - Ok, this can go away admittedly (it's just not as good here) but  I'd like to have SOMETHING that can be a good treat. We all know I have a few - I need to get back into this practice of healthier deserts.
Anyway, the addition of some of this practice into my diet and lack of exercise has been some of my problem here. Moderation and substitution. I will need to do this.