Monday, August 13, 2012

Serket Jewelry at Dayton Fashion Week

Model Kayla Essex
Before the runway show at Dayton Fashion Week, the only exposure I had with Serket Jewelery was at the
Model Aubé Linda Rachel Jolicoeur
Sunwatch shoot I referenced in my interview with Iain Steele. But the entire duration of Fashion Week I kept hearing mutterings from various models about "whole body" jewelry, and comments about being blown away by the designs. From my understanding, Serket Jewelry designs one of a kind pieces and specializes in tailoring jewelry to the individual wearer. I think that's pretty cool, don't you?

Model Kevin Lee Walker
The show itself was definitely one of the more interesting - the theme was the Matador. Bulls and fighters were represented throughout the show. The models walked incredibly slowly, which made it easy to take pictures, but I wondered if that was also taking into consideration the intricate nature of some of the designs or even personal preference of the designer. Either way I'm glad I took pictures instead of simply video taping these designs! It was a very long show to watch - but amazing.

Unlike other jewelry shows in DFW, this show featured models wearing a variety of clothing. Sometimes it became difficult to tell what was the jewelry and what was the clothing. I wanted to look at everything all at once. In many ways I prefer the method of showing "jewelry with one outfit" presentation style  (I could easily tell what I was suppose to see), but I appreciate the theatricality of Serket. And occasionally, seeing the jewelry with an appropriate piece of clothing really did help, as in the case of the dress with the beaded overly (pictured directly below).

My favorite piece: Model Brooke Selander
Can't you just see something like that belonging in your closet to dress up that sheath you don't wear very often (or maybe one you wear so much you need something to spice it up)? I could.

Let's take a look at some more pictures...

Model Katie Christ
Model Andrea Mann
Model Amber Johnson
Model Josh Grooms

Model Dana Longshaw
Model Ceili Fitzpatrick

Model Grace Longshaw
Seriously, there were just so many wonderful opportunities to take pictures during this show. I have quite a few more on the Pretty in Dayton Facebook page and I encourage you to browse through them. Most of the models have tagged themselves, so you can find alternate shots of the Serket show pretty easily.

You can learn more about Serket Jewelry from their website, or from Dayton Fashion Week.