Monday, August 6, 2012

Temiki Designs - Dayton Fashion Week and the Wonderful Tegan King

Fashion For a Cause
Tegan King of Temiki Designs.

Fashion For a CauseOne of the ever-present people during Dayton Fashion Week was Tegan King (pronounced T-A-gan, not Tee-gan), owner and designer for Temiki Designs. I met her during Casting for Dayton Fashion Week. Her presence remained on Facebook in various groups for Dayton Fashion Week, and I continued to see her smiling face during other Dayton Fashion Week functions. She's told me that she's always had a thing for gem stones, and her desire to design may have sprung from that. She must be one of the hardest working hand-made accessories people out there, because I never once saw her where she was relaxing. She always had beads in her hand. Even as a vendor during the last day of Dayton Fashion Week she was always busy finishing last minute accessories for other designers (such as Marlene Haute Couture - the headliner for Dayton Fashion Week).

Fashion For a Cause When I saw her at the Fashion For a Cause event (she was a vendor) I remember thinking "how are they going to do a runway show with her jewelry?" I was pleasantly surprised.

So How Does Tegan King Show Jewelry On the Runway?

While Tegan actually provided jewelry for other designers, her own show took on a very different flavor. She had models wearing her designs over a simple black dress. This highlighted the intricacy of her designs and showed them to great effect.  Her runway designs also were, in my opinion, a totally different take on on the accessories she was selling at the other events. These pieces were fabulous works of art! Here are some of my favorite shots I took during the show ( I do apologize - I was learning my camera so these are not all the best quality).

Yihudeet Morgan modeling my favorite piece of the evening.

Model Lexii Henry

Not sure of Model, but love the turquoise used here.

Unsure of Model's Name, but I remember her from casting.

Model Olivia Nichols. Also a FABULOUS piece of jewelry.
Temiki Designs was a fabulous opener to the main events in Dayton Fashion Week - I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I hope that sometime I'll be able to talk further with Tegan King about Temiki designs.

If you'd like to learn more about Temiki Designs please visit Temiki's Facebook page.