Friday, August 3, 2012

Video: Gill Mart & Co. Boutique - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

One of the things I enjoyed about Dayton Fashion Week was that some of the little shops and stores in the area got to put on shows (refer to Joli Boutique video I posted a few days ago). Gill Mart & Co. Boutique was one I had never heard of before. Honestly, I don't think they carry my type of clothing, but the show was fun away. Nice and short, highlighting the type of fashion they sell. And of course, guest blogger Courtney opened the show, so I had to video tape it:

I'll admit it's a little strange seeing young models in these fashions. For example, Courtney's a beautiful young woman and the outfit she is in seems a little "old" for her. But I suppose if you are in the mood for some flashy separates, it might be worth checking out this store.

You can learn more about Gill Mart & Co. on Dayton Fashion Week's website and visit Gill Mart & Co online. 

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