Thursday, August 2, 2012

Video: Semoner Designs - Dayton Fashion Week 2012

I couldn't find any information on Semoner Designs when I was looking it up while making this video. Do you like funky prints and mermaid dresses? Then you're going to love this by Semoner Designs:

I actually dig the booty-hugging style of most of these dresses. I like the attention to detail (the slight ruffle edges, the little accents). I even like the prints. In some cases, like the very last dress, I feel like having all the details and the print is a little much, but it's easy to see how these could be appealing and fun. They are party dresses for the most part, and they would be relatively good choices for party dresses. You wouldn't find them anywhere else, I think.

I am surprised to find myself saying that I think my favorite dress is the maroon and gold dress with the bow across the boobs. While it wouldn't look good on someone like me, I think you could dress it up or down with a cute cardi - I'd have to look at the fabric more closely to make that determination. My least favorite was the last dress shown (with the full back but short front). I kinda wanted to cut the tail off and see what the dress would look like without the ruffle.

The crowd was into this, though. I think it's easy to see oneself having a fun time in at least one of these dresses. I just wish I had contact information for the designer. I can't find it. The second I have it don't worry - I'll get it up here.

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