Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vigold Creations - An Interesting Mix Dayton Fashion Week

I am the first to admit I'd never heard of  Vigold Creations before Dayton Fashion Week. That's true for a lot of DFW's designers, actually. From my understanding they are a fashion house originally out of Nigeria and have outfitted many a prestigious customer. I remember being impressed by what they showed at Dayton Fashion Week - there were many pieces that were easily accessible and wearable, pieces for various sizes, and some pieces that stretched the boundaries of what I personally would consider wearable. Would you like to see some of my favorites? Great! Because I'd like to share them!

Beautiful golden asymmetrical dress.
Mermaid skirts were popular in longer dresses in this collection.

This gold dress with purple shoes was easily one of my favorites.
I thought this collection's strengths were in mixing fabrics in interesting ways (see gold dress). Rare was the dress made of simply one print or one fabric. Often trims were accented with different patterns, which I quite liked. I also enjoyed when the pieces took on a bit of a different structure through the manipulation of the fabric.

What I didn't like was that some of these pieces went a little too far - cut outs AND mixed fabrics (an example would be the blue and yellow dress above). I thought the styles were best executed when they kept to color blocking (or even texture blocking - lace under the  gold dress for example). But that's just my taste in clothing - you may have a different opinion.

 I have two dresses I liked quite a bit with this collection:
  • The Asymmetrical gold lace dress.
  • The gold dress with the lace dress (paired beautifully with purple pumps, by the way).
There was also this denim number that did not turn out perfectly on my camera, but you'll get the idea.

  Check out the shorts…
I so wish this picture hadn't been blurry - I loved the detailing!
I totally want those shorts!!! Not that my butt can fit into them. But how cute are they??? I love them!

Anyway, being a fashion house I am curious to see more. I want to see which pieces belonged to which designers within the house, how their individual styles differed. I want to know more about how  Vigold Creations runs. I may never learn, but to see such a mix of styles was interesting to say the least. Did you have any favorites in the collection? Let me know!

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For more informationon Vigold Creations please visit Dayton Fashion Week.

Updated: Previous write up had a couple dresses from Pieces of Style in the mix. The post has been updated.