Friday, August 31, 2012

Yes! Metallic Korto Momolu!!!!! Lord & Taylor''s Project Runway Capsule Collection

You all know I'm a big Project Runway fan. You also know I have my favorites. Korto Momolu is one of them and her dress is in the new Lord & Taylor capsule collection. Funny enough, it's the one that first caught my eye when I saw pictures. Can you spot it right away?

Top Row: Nick Verroes $275, Giordiana Gelhausen $275, Seth Aaron Henderson $275, Korto Momolu $275, Bert Keeter $328
Bottom Row: Mondo Guerra $248, Chris March $348, Jay McCarroll $298, Uli Hertzner $275 (two colors)

Yup! It's that silver metallic dress! I love the collar, neckline, detailing... everything. It retails for $275. I'm thinking about a splurge. Unfortunately, sizing information isn't available on Lord & Taylor. When I contacted customer service to ask about this, I was told "visit your local store". Well... uh... Dayton Ohio. No local store available. So I may take a guess and cross my fingers, send it back if it's wrong. Yes, it's a bit more than I want to spend on a dress but you know what? I've always wanted something designed by Korto Momolu that was more than jewelry or stationary.

The tenth dress was of course by Christopher Palu, which won last night's challenge:

Christopher Palu, $275
While I like the 10th dress, I must admit it was not my favorite that night. Melissa would have walked away easily with the "Styrch's Favorite Dress" award (if such a thing existed) if it weren't for the hem. But that's another story.

From this collection I'm also digging Giordiana Gelhausen's design  - I'm a sucker for a red dress and the back on it is awesome (go look at it on the site). I also really love Bert Keeter's dress - the lace panels are awesome. But it would be horrible on me. I'm much better sticking to  Korto or Giordiana's style I think.

Any designers catch you eye (or your wallet)?

Thank you to PR person who sent me these images. It was great to get them in my inbox this morning.