Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brand Exploration in Italy - Kiko Makeup Milano

Yeah I know... I'm way behind on posting about my awesome Italy trip. But you didn't think I'd go over there without trying some makeup that was new to me did you? My first day in Florence I ran into this store, Kiko Make Up Milano . The brand had a store about every block or two, crazy common. I walked into one and just started grabbing. And of course I started swatching, and taking pictures, then almost got myself kicked out of the store. But I splurged and spent some money anyway... I came away with a few hits and a few misses. Here they are...

Kiko's Water Eyeshadow - 8,90 €




Left to Right: 204, 208, 218
Look at these babies!!! They are GORGEOUS! There was this really sweet taupe shade I wanted to walk away with but the store was sold out. So I chose these three colors: 204 (the red), 208 (the gold), and 218 (the Peach).

Texture: Ok, I expected these to be creamy but they sort of break up a bit upon contact with brush or fingers. They do spread on your eye smoothly. I had very little control issues with these.

Wear: Yes, they stayed on fresh like you wouldn't believe over Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Bottom Line: As I recall they weren't that expensive, under 10 euro. Worth picking up! I will use these.

Kiko Color Sphere Eye Shadow - 6,90 €

207 Swatched

208 swatched

I actually didn't swatch these in store... I just grabbed and ran. They were on sale for SUPER CHEAP. So I grabbed the most usable looking ones. I kinda wish I hadn't given in to my inner bargain hunter and had just left these alone.

Texture: A bit hard and powdery. Not my favorite. Not great on color payoff.

Wear: I'll be honest, I haven't been inspired enough to actually try them much.

Bottom Line: Don't waist your cash

68 and 43

Left to right: 68
Kiko Shiny Lipstick - 3,00 €

Interesting variety here. I almost chose a straight up purple but then thought again. Instead I got a 43 (lavender pink), and 68 (metallic rose). The finish on these is unreal! You want metallic, you GOT metallic!

Texture: Better than your average drug store brand.

Wear: On par with most lipstics

Bottom Line: At around 3 Euro a pop, so worth it!

I also purchased two nail polishes which I'll be reviewing separately.

From my understanding Kiko is available in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.