Friday, September 14, 2012

Korto Momolu's Spring 2013 Collection - Images and Thoughts

No secret. I'm a fan. So when Korto Momolu sent around a post on Facebook about donating to a cause she was backing I checked it out. Since one of the "perks" of donating was access to the Live Feed for her show, of course I donated! According to the About Page for the donation, this will be Korto's last NYFW show for a while. She's starting a not for profit called "Gracie's Gift" which will help Liberian orphanages, and will have other fashion opportunities. But to see her LAST runway show for a while? Yes, of course I wanted to watch.

And watch I did. Then I lamented over the fact that my screen captures from the show were TERRIBLE and there was no way I could post them here and do Korto's (amazing, stunning, fabulous) prints and designs justice. I wrote an email to Korto and she politely and quickly responded with the images of her designs for me to share with you. How fabulous!!!

Let's have a look!

I totally want to see more detail on this. It looks like the skirt could be really interesting and fun!

I don't think I could wear the color, but I love this dress for how simple the draping is. I suspect it's quite comfortable. The assymetrical arms are something I've been seeing a lot of lately when online, so part of me does feel like this isn't totally "new". That doesn't make it any less fabulous, though.

Sign me up for the fun boxy top!

Probably my favorite of the collection. This was a showstopper during the Live Feed. This picture does not do it justice.

Also a showstopper - just look at this rainbow print!!! It's gorgeous and the girl seriously worked it. Sadly the images I received from Korto did not include the top that she showed that was made out of the same print. Beautiful!

Easy to wear, but not my thing. Reminds me a bit of a smock.

When I see suits now I am reminded of my girl Lisa Scott at Beaute Box. I think she'd love this, but perhaps with a different color strip. Then again, Lisa surprises me in her tastes all the time. What do you think?

Such an easy-to-wear gown out of that same gorgeous print.

LBD!!! I like the straps.

This neckline can be difficult for some people (like myself) with large arms. But it's gorgeous on the right girl. Is that you?
I like this top but I'll be honest - I'm not sure I need the volume at my hips. On the other hand, I could love it. I'd have to try it and see. The neutral tone appeals to me, though.

So what do you think? I'm in love with that white skirt black/yellow patterned top dress myself. There was another dress during the Live Feed that I loved (coral in color) that I didn't receive in images. Also the aforementioned rainbow print top. But over all, I thought these were very wearable and that a lot of people would love them. Kudos to Korto! 

Visit Korto Momolu's website.
Check out Korto Momolu's Twitter Feed - you'll see some awesome images from the show there as well. 
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Images courtesy of Korto Momolu herself.