Friday, September 7, 2012

Kristi Yamaguchi's Tsu.ya Activewear Line for Lord & Taylor

Hey fitness fanatics! Guess what I got in my inbox yesterday? A lookbook for Kristi Yamaguchi's Tsu.ya Activewear Line from Lord & Taylor.  From my understanding the limited edition  made it's debut last night at New York's Fashion's Night Out. I think I counted 18 different pieces in the lookbook (several have different color selections) and they're all really cute!

 When I saw these images I got really excited because everything just looks like so much fun, and DIFFERENT for activewear. It's girly, but hey... sometimes that's how we girls feel like being right?

According to the Lookbook:
"our promise...Today’s woman is fearless, confident, and beautiful, while living in
a hectic and demanding world. Tsu.ya by Kristi Yamaguchi delivers fashionable,
modern, and functional lines to enhance and meet the demands of her daily
activities with style and grace. From giving back to the community to inspiring
daily confidence, Tsu.ya is committed to helping women feel good both inside
and out."
PR also told me that a portion of the proceeds from the collection will go to Kristi Yamaguchi's Always a Dream Foundation.  I'm told this foundation "funds programs that empower children to reach their dreams through education & inspiration. From giving back to the community to inspiring daily confidence." Seems in line with the stated purpose of the line in general if you read that quote above.

So Do I Like?
I am SO digging THIS jacket...

It's cute and has a little bit of a "tough girly chick" vibe to me (or maybe that's because of it's slight resemblance to Milla Jovovich's outfit in the latest Resident Evil movie (which I'm looking forward to).
Poster pic I grabbed from FilmFilia
See what I mean? I know it's not an underbust corset with buckles but the (admittedly girly) waist detailing is so bringing that vibe! Yes, it's a stretch, but I have zombies on the brain. Deal.

Anyway, I digress. Here are some other images from PR and the lookbook...

Fun lining is fun lining, right?

Still an ice skater, I see.
Curious about the pant with the fold over top.

You can see the jacket I pictured  first comes in a plum.

For those of you digging t-shirts and leggings, they are here!

I'm really curious about these sweatsuit tops. They look interesting and comfy.

And there's the jacket I like, with matching pants. New track suit?
Yes, I admit some of this is a little too frilly for me, but I really like how these pieces have just enough ruffles, or detailing where you could probably wear most of these outside of the gym. I'd love to be caught in these clothing out on the weekends doing groceries! I hope they are as easy to wear as they look. I'm curious how they will size up (particularly the jacket with the waist detailing). Sadly I have no Lord & Taylor near me so I will not be able to check these out in person. If any of you do see them, let me know what you think!

Updated:  The pieces in this collection are priced from $40 to $150.

Images provided by PR.