Friday, September 7, 2012

Preview of Coterie - Curated Beauty Site To Launch September 17th

Today I was invited to get a sneak peak of a new site that is debuting on September 17th called Coterie. From my understanding the site offers selections from different beauty brands, carefully chosen items, from which you can shop. The site also means to take your shopping to a social level, allowing you to create a "virtual vanity" and to share your choices with your friends. In addition, you can keep track of your purchases, specifically the ones you want to reorder when the time comes to replenish your stock. To me, this sounds like a lot of fun, so of course I checked it out.

I didn't get to try out the personalization selections like the virtual vanity because the site isn't totally live yet. However, I was offered the opportunity to shop the first campaign -  The butter LONDON Ready-to-Wear Fall Collection. The selection included the ability to choose three polishes and get a Matte Finish Top Coat along with my choices (a $60 value offered at $36 plus shipping - a really good deal). Now, I love me some butter London so how could I pass this up? The choices in the collection are:  Pillar Box Red, West End Wonderland, Wallis, All Hail The Queen, Bluey, and Knackered. Well curated indeed!!! The inclusion of All Hail the Queen and Knackered alone makes this worth looking at if you haven't purchased those colors. If Coterie can pull off a collection this sweet for the rest of their campaigns it'll be a little slice of virtual heaven!

I selected West End Wonderland, Wallis (one I've been wanting for a LONG while), and Bluey (because I don't think I have those). Anyway, if the deals are as good as this one, I suspect I'll be shopping using Coterie in the future provided this preview order arrives to my satisfaction. If it doesn't you better believe I'll let you know - I'm always a little nervous posting before something arrives because it's a bit of a "cart before the horse" scenario. But I have confidence this is going to be pretty awesome if the site delivers what it says.

So what do you think? Will you be checking out Coterie on September 17th? I know I'll be visiting again.

Disclosure: My order was offered to me for free for this preview. I am not affiliated with Coterie.