Monday, September 17, 2012

Quest for My Pretty - Weekly Weight Loss Report

Starting with my weight this week because I knew it would be up:

Weight: 157.0 lbs (+0.6)

I hit a wall last week. With everything that has been going on my body totally shut down on Thursday. I slept until 1 pm and had to call in sick. I just couldn't wake up! It was so strange. I remained fatigued through the weekend. Not cool.

However I did some thinking and decided since my body is feeling like this then Insanity is not the program for me at the moment (though I did discover via my Body Bugg that I burn more calories doing Insanity than I do in 1 hour of "Spinning"). So what is my ideal? Here are my thoughts:
  • 3 Days of Weight Training - I see the most improvement in my body or weight when I'm lifting. Period. You remember my time with ChaLEAN Extreme right? I experienced a similar effect doing Les Mills Pump a couple months ago.
  • 3 Days of Cardio - I like this best on non-weight days. The trick is coordinating it with when I teach Turbo Kick. And that's the type of cardio I need as well - something with intervals but hard enough that I know I'm buring like crazy. 
  • More Walking -  My husband's been awesome doing this regardless of what else he does every day. He's looking great! And I'm thinking about how great my butt was after walking in Italy. 
  • Track the Freaking Food - I've been complaining for weeks that I lost the habit. Just do it, Styrch!
Anyway, that's going to be my game plan. Going to start with the food because for the next couple of weeks the Exercise is going to be hard to plan. I may even do a Shakeology Cleanse to get myself back on track. I could use it!