Friday, September 28, 2012

Sittella by Althea Harper - Comfy Layering Pieces Styled for Fall

Wow! So currently I'm stuck in a hotel room in Maryland on business and I am getting bombarded with texts about my girl Althea Harper being on the upcoming installment of Project Runway All Stars. Of course my hotel room doesn't have Lifetime! ARG!!! As luck would have it I had THIS post ready to go out for Friday morning (today). Go figure.

Althea Harper's Sittella  line is one of my favorite lines to shop from when I have a little bit of extra cash but not enough to purchase something major. I love to indulge in the feel of these lovely fabrics and wrap myself in the gorgeous colors created by Althea's dying process. I love to layer the pieces I own and wear them all year round. Althea knows my weakness - last week she sent me the following pictures to share with you, my darling readers.

Sittella Styled for Fall
In the following pictures you will notice Althea Harper's current line of Sittella clothing but dressed up for cooler weather. I don't own any of the following pieces (yet) but I can vouch for Sittella  in that it is one of the most versatile unusual lines I've personally tried. Seriously, sometimes I want to sleep in my Sittella dresses. Comfy. Layering. Wardrobe. Builders. Yeah!!!

BTW, I'm going to play "personal shopper" for some of my friends here in the commentary... Just for fun! It won't mean anything to the majority of you, but hey... I'm having fun with this post!

Del Mar Skirt - $88, Sanjay top $99
Ok, these separates are what I SHOULD go for - I could wear them with so many things. But they aren't what I would choose to purchase. You know how it is - when know something is good for you but you want something else..

Harbor Shorts - $88

I see these shorts and I think my girl Jenny needs them. She has awesome legs, and I think she could rock these on a casual day, almost exactly as pictured. Not to mention they'd make her butt look fabulous as always.

Amethyst Dress - $165
My girl Terri (tall and thin) would look rockin' in this dress! I'd have to beg her to try it on, and in the end she'd realize it was a good choice for her, but beg and beg and beg I would!

Vilano Dress - $160
Teresa (my curvy goddess) - you would fight me tooth and nail, but with your "girls" this dress would be rockin! And you could dress it up however you want to. Would you be bold enough to take on the cut outs? I think you are...

Sandy Point Dress - $165
Caressa darling, you're tall leggy self could wear this so comfortably, make it look absolutely effortless, and make all of us envious of your gams! On the other hand, I could also see you rocking the dress I suggested for Teresa.

(Styrch Obsession) Cobblestone Dress - $132
Angela, you and I would own these in different colors. But together we'd look awesome in this dress!

Osage Dress - $165
Ann - here's one I might think of for you. I could see you pairing this with a multitude of different accessories that would really bring this dress to life. Think about it - you could rock it.

(Styrch Obsession) Coralline Dress - $132
Kara, my petite powerhouse! This is your dress if I ever saw one. Your killer curves in a dress that's just girly enough to be fun? Yeah... you'd hate it. But I'd love it on you! And if you really hated it, I'd take it.

Stone Harbor Dress - $165
Ginger my dear! This one you would wear with me lounging around the Bellagio next spring in Vegas. Think about it!
Salter Path Skirt - $124, Winthrop Crop Top - $88
Aja, fearless one - I think you could do some awesome damage with the midriff baring top and the maxi skirt combo. You have such eclectic style I would LOVE to see what you did with these pieces!

What do you think?

My two favorites are still Cobblestone and Coralline, however I think if you're looking to get the most mileage out of your pieces I think the average person would have better luck sticking with the skirts.  Any of these dresses you could slap a cardi over and wear of course, but I'm thinking purely from a wardrobe building standpoint. Sanjay also has potential moving into cooler weather. But shopping with my own money I'd take Cobblestone (I wonder if she can make it in a seriously dark blue). It might look funky but I'd toss a sweater over the top, put some boots on and go! That's what I do with most of my Sittella  pieces anyway. They seriously are the most comfortable clothing in my wardrobe, though they are very body conscious, fyi.

Cool Factoid: Althea told me that her pieces have raw hems so if you want to hem them up to your desired length (are you daring?) then go right on ahead.  As a short girl I appreciate this - I've already had to hem a couple Sittella  dresses I purchased as samples because my legs are just that stubby!

What do you think? Anything striking your fancy?

Images provided by Althea Harper.