Friday, September 21, 2012

Trying out "Eye Majic" Instant Eye Shadow

For a long while I've been intrigued by the idea of those "press on" lips or eye shadow or makeup of any kind. So when a PR rep for Eye Majic contacted me I pounced on her offer to let me try a couple shades out I pounced on it.

Step 2.

What is Eye Majic?
Ok, so when you get an Eye Majic color, you get these little packages with two roughly eye shaped sponges with a tab.   There are both pearl and matte shade (here I'm using a pearl shade). This is what you do (or at least what I did):

  1. Prep your eye - I've been using Too Faced Shadow Insurance so I felt no reason NOT to use that here.
  2. Press Eye Majic shade down on your eye - You have to hold it for 4 seconds according to the directions. Make sure you've lifted your eye high so there is a flat surface for the sponge with the shadow on it to lay correctly.
  3. Swipe Eye Majic across your eye - Well, after pressing for 4 seconds there wasn't much left for me to swipe but I did this step.
  4. Blend with sponge applicator - The applicator was pretty clean after swiping but I attempted to smooth out some of the places that looked funky. 
  5. Throw away your Eye Majic applicators - Ok, I can't argue that the idea of zero brush clean up appeals to me. Plus one use means it's probably a little more hygienic (just guessing).
Finished? Not quite...

After Step 3, 4, 5
The Eye Majic looked a little unfinished to me. So I took a pearly Inglot shade and blended into my brown bone.  There wasn't enough of the top shade in the Eye Majic for me to do this with their shadow. I also chose to take MAC Orpheus and line my lashes just a bit.

End Result

Ah, much better. Note: need to do some brow maintenance.

Not what I would normally do, but hey... it's not my design. I usually like a little more depth to my crease. I could have gone in with my own shadow and deepened the crease a bit but I chose not to for this review. I suspect the majority of people who are into makeup out there will want to monkey with Eye Majic using the application as a base then spice it up with their own flare.

Sort of fun, right? Yeah... it was!

    • 2 Pair Box - $3.49 + S&H
    • 5 Pair Box - $8.49 + S&H
    • 10 Pair Box - $15.95 + S&H
    • Select 16 - $19.95 + S&H
      At a little over $1 per application I think the cost is a bit steep. If you purchase these, I think you'll want to be selective about when you're using them - like when you really do have less than 5 minutes to do your makeup!

      Bottom Line
      I would recommend Eye Majic for emergency makeup application when you need something FAST, or even for people who are starting out with eye shadow. Yes, I could see these being a great teaching tool. I may keep a couple with me for when I travel.

      Eye Majic was provided to me by PR for the purpose of review. I was not compensated for this post in any other way nor am I affiliated with Eye Majic.