Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zoya Designer Cream Collection NYFW 2012 - Better Late Than Never!

I received these polishes back in August, just before I was planning my trip to Italy. So yes, I am behind. But better late than never. Here is the Zoya Designer NYFW 2012 Creams Collection!


Finally! The candy red polish of my dreams! Seriously, it's like the red on Zoya's Smitten poster from a few years back. Of course, that also means it reminds me just a bit of Zoya Kristi (but Rekha is prettier in my opinion).


Toni... I feel like I've seen her before. She's pretty but she didn't excite me. Reminded me of Zoya Stacy, from the same collection as Kristi.


Monica is a very pretty grape purple. But I would opt for a different Zoya if I were going for this type of shade. There are so many to choose from!


Interesting blue shade that isn't too vibrant, I think there will be quite a few people out there going for Natty. But again I felt like I already own this polish or similar. I'll have to check my stash.


A lovely grey cream! Evvie is kind of what I wanted Rescue Beauty Lounge's Concrete Jungle to be.  So it makes me happy.


Probably my favorite of the collection, Noot is a darker gray than Evvie. They might look really good together, but they were so close on my hands when I was wearing them I decided you really don't need both - just ask yourself if you would wear lighter or darker more often.

Again, using my loaner camera while my new good camera is in the shop.

I don't usually like Cream polishes, however I was surprised to find that I was more excited about this collection than the Diva collection. Maybe my tastes are shifting just a bit. These creams just felt so polished (no pun intended) and classy. I will probably be wearing a couple of them often this fall.

On a side note, I aslo feel like Zoya has SO MANY shades now the degree of differences are infinitesimal. Is that just me? Please tell me it's in my head.

I had zero issues with application on all of these creams. My issues came in with the top coat I was using (not my usual Seche Vite - boo).

As usual, the wear on these was stellar.

The usual $8 a pop. Remember when Zoya's were $5? I miss those days.

Bottom Line
My favorites were Rekha, Evie and Noot, though you probably don't NEED both of those colors. The other colors (and even Rekha) you'll be able to find similar in your existing collection I'm sure.

I was sent these polishes by Zoya for Review.  I am  not affiliated with Zoya or Art of Beauty, nor do I sell their products.