Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Awesome Straight Hair - Copying Nicole Kidman with It&ly Products

Remember back when I posted Nicole Kidman's Emmy Hair by It&ly? Well I got a chance to try it out myself!

See I have some nice sexy straight hair too!

My hair is usually straight but it is rarely ever tamed for any period of time. I followed the instructions that were outlined in my previous post using It&ly's Pure Water Drops Serum first over my hair while it was dry. The texture of the product is like slightly oily water and smells like HEAVEN. I don't usually like the way hair products smell - this one was awesome! Botanical, slightly flowery but not overly strong, just fresh - it smelled "clean" not like hair product chemicals.

Next I used my flat iron to straighten and gently curl the ends.

The last step outline that I used was to take It&ly's Pure Definition Hair Spary and spray some on a tooth brush and brush down the fly aways. You wouldn't think that would work, would you? But it did! Best yet, the fly aways stayed down all night and my hair still had very natural movement! Bonus, it smelled just as nice as the previous product.

So... What About Heat Protection?
I was a little nervous about putting this on my hair followed by my flat iron because I was unsure about how it would react with heat. I asked the PR person that I was in contact with about this and she said the following:
"The Purity Design Line is composed of a protective "Desert Blend". The “Desert Blend” is comprised of proteins developed from desert plants such as Agave, Joshua Tree and Cholla Cactus to protect hair from harmful UV rays. So your hair is protected no matter what product you use."
Nifty, eh? So basically, heat protection is built right into the line assuming those ingredients do what they are supposed to do. I like that. I've always had a problem with heat protection sprays because what if it makes the texture of your hair different than what you want? So many of them are just like hair spray.

I did a bit of a web search on It&ly's Pure Water Drops Serum and found it selling around $32-$35 depending on distributor. It doesn't take a lot of product to make your hair sleek and nice (a pea sized drop at most). So I imagine one bottle will last a long time.

As for the spray It&ly's Pure Definition Hair Spray seems to retail around $25. Again the bottle is HUGE so you get a lot of product for that price.

Bottom Line
I'm sure you could find similar products for a lower price, but I'd bet they won't smell as nice. I'm currently getting a TON of use out of those Pure Water Drops, so at this moment yes - I'd consider purchasing it myself. The spray... I'd probably get something else and just use the same technique.

If you'd like to learn more please visit It&ly's website.

The products in this post were provided for by PR for the purpose of review. This blog is not affiliated with It&ly nor does it sell It&ly products.