Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Get Crafty at Sew Dayton!

Jesy, Tracy... and Someone's
Back in September I attended the Grand Opening of Sew Dayton, part of the Activated Spaces initiative in downtown Dayton. I made it a point to go to this one because my good friend Tracy McElfresh is co-owner of this store with another friend Jesy Anderson. Together they have opened a store which they have referred to on their site as a "Seamstress's Heaven". I have to agree.

Sew Dayton stocks primarily vintage fabrics and basic notions. You'll also find other nifty odds and ends. The very cool thing about Sew Dayton is that they offer classes on a scheduled basis. You can also request private lessons and project trouble shooting. In addition, Tracy and Jesy will also do custom work at your request (priced based upon the project of course).

If you can't become inspired by the vintage prints or designs Sew Dayton has around the shop, your modern side might take kindly to the  Mike Elsass  work in the adjoining space. Bonus for Jesy and Tracy - automatic awesome decor!!! Win-win!

I encourage you to take a stop down on Brown Street across from Thai 9 and get to know Tracy and Jesy. Take a look at Sew Dayton's calendar and sign up for a class. Take advantage of this store and learn something new. Or do what I did: walk out with a bunch of Fat Quarters not knowing what the heck you're going to do with them and challenge yourself!

Note: If you do need Costume Help for Halloween, Sew Dayton is offering that service as well. 

Sew Dayton
16 E. Brown Street Dayton, Oh 45402
Sew Dayton Website  and Sew Dayton on Facebook 

To Tracy And Jesy - I am seriously excited for both of you! It is quite exciting to see dreams come true!!!
Best wishes always,