Thursday, October 11, 2012

Send the Trend - A Good Thing Just Got BIGGER!!!

As a frequent Send the Trend  shopper I was SHOCKED to see how much larger the site had gotten since the last time I logged in last month. An email from co-founder Divya Gugnani explained  - The site has been acquired by QVC.

What's Now AWESOME!!!
  • You can now see what BRAND you're buying! -  This is great because often times I would like the style of something and wanted to see more like it, but STT didn't really reveal their suppliers openly.
  • There are MORE brands! - Even better, you can sort your items by brand if you want to.
  • Variety!!!!! -  Yup, there is so much MORE that you can shop for on STT. In particular, I LOVE the additions in the Beauty section. Just go look! I mean, Laura Gellar, I've been wanting to try that for a while. And Fresh - I might need to give them a second chance.
What's Still Awesome!!!
  • You can still share and get credit  - This is what made STT pretty cool and fun in the first place. We all love a discount!
  • You still get personally currated items  - This I think has even gotten better. Or at least now STT realizes I like pretty much anything with spikes and probably always will. 
  • My Style Section - Yup, you can still keep track of the things you like in the My Style section and others can shop from it if they like your style.  
What Still Needs Improvement -  (personal opinion)
  • No Invite LINK???  - Sharing via Facebook and Twitter or Email is fun, but I want a dedicated invite link.
  • Interface Clutter  - Forgive me, I'm a usability specialist so I pick on the interface. The interface has been getting cluttered for some time and the QVC takeover seems to have upped that. The has lost some of it's clean interface in favor of showcasing the variety. I won't go into detail but for me the interface has a lot to do with my enjoyment of the shopping experience. Occupational hazard I guess.
  • My Style STILL Pre-populates  - I have a big problem with things called "My Style" having items in there already that I haven't chosen to be there. I know they are there for example. But I'd do this differently.
  • Things Got Expensive  - Gone are the days when you had a flat rate for shopping from STT. Boo.
In any case, check out the new Send the Trend and I'd love it if you took a look at my MY STYLE (affiliate link) page and shopped from there! *wink*