Monday, October 1, 2012

The Review of Regret: b.Liv Skincare by Cellnique

I really dislike starting a week off this way but... sometimes you know you need to post something and you just have to get it out there.


Hi Readers.
This is one of those posts I keep putting off because because it's tricky. I firmly believe that Skincare is highly individualized. So please keep in mind I'm only reporting my experience and my opinion. 

A PR rep for b.liv contacted me about reviewing their skincare line. I asked around the Beauty Blog Coalition to see if they were legit and was happy to hear that other bloggers either had great experiences with this line. At the time, my skin was problematic - I had come off of some medications from my dermatologist two months before and I had started to see some break outs again. I wanted to try something new. I have combination skin, it IS prone to breakouts, skincare is difficult for me during softball season... these are all things I shared with the PR representative who recommended the five products pictured above for me to use.

In other words, I went into this review knowing full well that would have a tough job to fulfill.  And I let the rep know that.

Squeaky Clean - $25.00
This green gel cleanser has tiny microbeads for light exfoliation. I liked the feel of this cleanser and the exfoliating beads were a plus. I did have to use an additional product for makeup removal - this cleanser did not seem to do the trick. But it felt nice on my skin to use and I liked the light exfoliation enough to continue to use this product longer than the others.

Off With Those Heads - $49 for 30 mil, $63 for 45 mil.
This was the product I was most looking forward to using. I'd read some good blogs on how great it was a removing black heads or reducing their appearance. I was pleasantly surprised at first - it DID seem to be helping blackheads on my nose. I tried it on my chin as well. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of using it, those areas just started breaking out EVERYWHERE and any benefit was deminished.

Oil Leviate - $35
As a mattifying moisturizer (which I had understood it was) this product did not feel at all like it was moisturizing to me. It warned that there might be initial oil over production at first but that should subside with in a few weeks of use. I persevered  but never saw my oil production reduce. For me a clear loser.

Spots Got Shot - $25
You got it! Blemish killer. Or at least it's supposed to help. I did not see any benefit using this product and ditched it for straight up Clearasil after about a month of use.

Glow and Shine -$25
Your typical exfoliating mask. You put it on, let it dry for about 5-10 minutes, then rub it in circles to help exfoliate your skin. I used it a couple of times. Meant to be used once a week, I often forgot it. When I did use it, I found it easy to use and my skin did feel smoother.

My Experience with b.Liv
As I've already hinted, my experience with these products combined was not a positive one. I would use Squeaky Clean to clean my skin twice a day. I would apply Off With Those Heads in problem areas followed by Oil Leviate. I would dab on Spots Got Shot where necessary. As I mentioned, my use of Glow and Shine was minimal.

During the course of using these products (July through the beginning of September... yes I gave the products a fair run, particularly the Squeaky Clean  and Off With Those Heads),  my skin went from not-so-great to THE WORST BLEMISHES I have EVER had! Yes, worse than teenage acne, worse than travel acne, worse than softball face mask acne, worse than any other hormonal acne break out. While all those things (minus teen age acne) were all factors, I've never had my skin go this haywire on me before. That's one reason you haven't seen me post any Face of the Day pics for a while - I really have been avoiding it. It's embarrassing!

Could my breakouts be due to something other than the b.liv line of products? Absolutely. But I'll never know. I went through the whole summer season hoping this line would get through the so-called "purging" phase and I would come out the other end with clear skin, or at least manageable skin. I know that having one's skin get used to a new set of products takes time - and I was willing to give that time to b.liv. I think I continued using it longer than others in my situation would have. On the plus side for the products, Even after 2 months of use I still have plenty left.

In late August I contacted the PR representative again and asked her if I was using the products incorrectly or if there was another way I might need to be using them that would be more advantageous. I received no response. 3 weeks later I followed up - still no response. Therefore I informed the PR representative that I would be switching back to my old products and writing this review. Less than a week after discontinuing usage of all b.liv products my skin started to look better. Thank you, Renee Rouleau Anti-cyst Treatment!

I may revisit some of these products now and again to see if their properties do help (Off With Those Heads for example). I'll never try them all together. I honestly don't know what happened, or if my skin just had a bad reaction. But for the time being I'm also going back to my dermatologist, which I really didn't want to do. He's recommending Accutane now, seeing how bad my skin has gotten.

Bottom Line
Everyone's skin is different, but personally I can not recommend this line.

These products were provided to me by b.Liv PR for review purposes. I am not affiliated with b.Liv and do not sell b.Liv products.