Thursday, November 22, 2012

Contest Alert - American Pi's Tour USA Pinterest Contest

Hey Readers!

I wanted to share with you a contest that is being run by the Pi Girls over at American Pi.  The awesomely lovely December Ann Brewster, a Pi Girl herself, contacted me and asked if I would share the news of this contest. This contest takes place largely on Pinterest, so for all of you out there who LOVE pinterest, this one might be fore you. It invovles you creating a board, learning about things that are made in America, pinning pinning pinning!!! And you could win a prize of $50 gift certificate.

American Pi's Tour America Pinterest Contest Rules According to Styrch
I found these a little difficult to understand so I'm going to try to break it into steps that made sense to me. You can read the original rules over on the Pi Girl Diaries.
  1. Create a board on Pinterest.
  2. Repin the American Pi Contest Graphic to that board!!!
  3. Pin something to your board from each of the 50 American States - These items must be PRODUCTS made in that state!!! Make sure your pins contain #TourUSA and #state (Ex:#OHIO) at the end of each pin.
  4. At least 3 of your pins must be from American Pi!!! - There are a huge amount of things on this site so you should be able to do this part pretty easily. I suggest starting here. You can also use items from The Pi Girl Diaries if you want.
  5. Follow American Pi Dayton on Pinterest
  6. Email your contact info and your finished boards to December Ann Brewster  (December.brewster at
Check out this example board for ideas!
This contest has been extended to end on November 26th, so you have a few more days to pin and have fun! I think this could be a highly educational and hopefully beneficial to you contest. After all, it's a great way to get gifting ideas for the holidays. Who knows, you could walk away $50 richer too!

Happy pinning!

Thus end this post. 

Pretty in Dayton is not affiliated with American Pi, or The Pi Girl Diaries, or Pinterest (other than being the user). This is NOT a Pretty in Dayton contest - Styrch just thinks December's a pretty cool chick..