Thursday, November 22, 2012

Review!!! Althea Harper Spring 2013 Collection

Just when you thought you'd forgotten about the Skort...

Ronica Short - Althea Harper Spring 2013
Yes, this Thanksgiving I will be thankful for the Skort!!! I never thought I'd say that. But this is... pretty darn fun!

When I had the chance to talk to Althea Harper her Spring 2013 collection I specifically asked about this item. She said she always likes really short skirts but they are hard to sit in, so she put these in her spring line. I can't fault her for this because I think the throw-back to the skort was a good move for her spring line. She calls it a "short" in her lookbook, but what looks like a "skort" and acts like a "skort" and is constructed like a "skort"... you know? That's a skort! What do you think?

Ok, let's get on with the rest of the line now that I've gotten my two favorite out of the way, shall we?

Consistent Althea Themes
I've noticed several themes running through Althea's collections and  they continue to evolve. So I'd like to talk about them each if you'll let me indulge myself.

Theme 1: Mesh Cut Outs - This season Althea continues to play with the location of her mesh cut outs. She continues to stick with her side cut outs, but they are shaped differently, more interesting in my opinion. See the Fiona Dress in Sky Blue:

Fiona Dress
What's interesting to note here is that when I asked Althea what her personal favorite item was from her Spring 2013 collection, this was what she chose. I'm curious to see if that changes over time because Althea has a lot of fun items in this collection.

Theme 2: Non- Mesh Cut Outs - For the more daring, Althea remains consistent giving us diaphram positioned cut outs as she has in the past. Check out the Maeve Dress (regular length and Mini):

Maeve Dress
Theme 3:  Interesting Pants - And a funky pair of leggings! Here's the Love Pant (with the Kate Top, which I dig)

The Love Pant
The only thing I question is the print here. It sort of points to the crotch in the front then highlights saddle bags in the bag (if you have them, and the model doesn't). But regardless, I still think they'd be fun with many a long tunic! I'd love to see them in Lockness.

Theme 4: Super Cute Jackets

Charley Jacket, Nixon Jacket
Charley... now THAT is a hot blazer!
But check out the funky here...

Lola Jacket and Clair Skirt
The Lola Jacket has this interesting contrast zipper. I'm not digging the Bristol print but I like the overall design. On a side note, I like the drape of the skirt and would like to feel the fabric to make sure it doesn't fall over into "high school choir uniform" territoriy - but I have faith in Althea Harper's ability to choose nice fabrics.

Older Styles Getting Updated

I'm pretty sure Althea will disagree with me on the comparisons I'm making here, but regardless, the following items reminded me very much of items I saw from her previous collections, but with noticable updates.


Fonda  Dress - My new obsession!!!

The Fonda Dress!!! It reminds me of the magical dress I purchased from Althea's Fall/Winter 2010, but all grown up into something hotter and sexier, if that was even possible. Yes please! I'll take one, and the body to go with it of course!

The Jessica Dress (both in regular length and a mini) which reminds me very much of the Paranormal Dress of Spring 2012, only this time I think you can probably wear a bra with it (yay!).

Jessica Dress - I'm confused why the cream and the tan - so similar! Why not the green pistachio?

And the Miranda Dress which reminds me just a bit of the Campus Dress of Spring 2012.  My reasoning here is that it's similar to Jessica, but not as revealing in the back, just like Campus and Paranormal played off each other in Spring 2012.

Miranda Dress
What's actually REALLY cool about the Miranda Dress is that the slit is... get this... A ZIPPER!!! Yes, you can adjust it to show as much leg as you want!!! But I don't like the rounded boobs...

Personally, I dig this detail even more on the Monroe Dress which has, in my opinion, a more flattering neckline...

Monroe Dress - My other obsession
Seriously, this IS the hotness! The Monroe dress is slammin'! Granted the only big difference I see between this and the Jessica is that the Jessica has a belt-thing. Sad but true story - when Althea came over with her box full of goodies to my house, my friend Terri tried on this dress and DID NOT BUY IT!!! But she clung onto it all evening. Terri, girl... you need to know when NOT to let a good thing go.

Returning Favs

Printed Shirt Dresses/Tunics - We first started to see these last spring. I'm glad Althea has kept them around because I really wanted to pick one up. In fact I did - when she came to my house this past October for a trunk show I snatched one up! Anyway, they are back for spring this time the color pallet is more rich. The hi-lo hem trend also makes an appearance in Althea's line. Take a look:

The Elenore Dress

Elenore in gorgeous prints!

Our friend Ridley makes an appearance...
Ridley is pictures with Happiness Pant, Tina Skirt, Tina Skirt, and Michelle Pant (top left, then clockwise)
As does the Lillian Tunic.

Lillian Tunic
I have a new love of the Lillian Tunic. I purchased a sample recently (they do run big). Althea's in the process of getting buttons put on for me. But it's comfortable and awesome - and I feel like Steven Tyler when I'm wearing it. That's a good thing! I love feeling like a rockstar I love. On a side note, I'm REALLY digging the print on the left: Lockness. That is awesome!

What I'm Not Liking...
There's always something, right?

The Kim Dress

Maybe it's just the way the model fills this out, but I think it just looks sad. And this coming from a girl who LOVES zippers on everything. I'm not too fond of the rounded boobs here, though I'm sure they look great on a more busty person.  I'm also not too sure I like the length. But that's just me.

Ok, I've rambled. Ultimately, I like most of what's happening here for Spring 2013 from Althea Harper. I think that she's found some things that really work for her. Many of these styles are not exactly new to Althea's line, but look like updates to me. And that works! Lots of wearable items here.   Anything catch your eye?

You can shop Althea Harper from her online store. Or if you're lucky, a boutique near you!

Images provided by Althea Harper.