Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Boutique Makeover and Holiday Suggestions From Penhaligon's

I tend to be a brand loyalist. I don't mind saying this - it's true.  I like to shop the same brands, and I tend not to switch things I use regularly. Therefore, I have no shame in saying that while I was recently shopping scents with my husband at Sephora, I said, "I want to purchase my list from Penhaligon's first, I think." There's a certain amount of trust (love) there and I feel "disloyal" sometimes when trying other things. There's a certain quality in Penhaligon's perfumes that I love - something distinctive in the scent.  But when I smell something I feel like I can say "Oh! That's a Penhaligon's scent!" Am I sophisticated enough to say what that quality is? Absolutely not. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I digress...
I received this lovely image today in my inbox from Penhaligon's PR announcing that they gave one of their stores an "Edwardian Makeover" recently. The picture was so cute I had to share:

Penhaligon's Regent Street Boutique Makeover "After" Photo.

The design was created by Christopher Jenner, according to the press release I received. The idea drew on inspiration from chesterfield sofas and Westminster Cathedral's ceiling roses. Personally, I took a look at it and thought "Oh my gosh it looks like their bottles!" And that was their intent as well. Just take a look at one of their most recent fragrances, Peoneve:

No, I've not tried this scent yet. And maybe I'm totally off, but color differentiation aside - I could definitely see a "Penhaligon's Bottle" influence. Look at the pattern in the ceiling. Also the light fixtures - similar shape. Awesome!

I still can't get over the wrapping on their giftsets this year:

Seriosuly, the packaging alone is awesome enough to have a look, particularly at the perfume minis in the Holiday sets. Ladies, your set boasts my favorite, Artemisia, as one of the five scents. And Gents, you get my guy pick of Sartorial as well as my husband's pick of Opus 1870. Well worth it!.

Check out Penhalogon's Holiday collection on their website.