Friday, December 28, 2012

LUSH Goodies For People With Nut or Corn Allergies! YAY!

Let me tell you a little story. When I first discovered LUSH back in the day I was in heaven! Here was a whole new line of wonderfully unique bath items I could have fun with! The soaps and the bath bombs were like showering with candy and I couldn't get enough! One of my favorite items my husband also took a liking to - Buffy (the Backside Slayer).  However, while I was getting "lush-ously" smooth skin due to Buffy, my husband was getting a horribly itchy back. Sure enough I looked up on the ingredients list and found the culprit: Almonds. Yes, he's allergic to them... along with all other sorts of nuts and corn. I couldn't even keep it in the shower because bits of Buffy would get everywhere, contaminating my husband's shower environment. No more Buffy for me. Boo!

Along with Buffy, we began to realize that he couldn't use other LUSH products as well. Many of their products contain nuts and/or corn. But I've recently gotten in touch with LUSH again after many year, and a lovely PR rep provided me with some recommendations. We've been playing around with them, seeing if my husband's skin would react - and I've been having a lot of LUSH fun again. Here's what we've found:

Porridge Soap - $6.95
My Experience - The awesomeness about this product comes from the fact that the exfoliation work is being done by oats, not almonds. It also smells heavenly (but I'm a sucker for yummy scents). To me it smells of milk, and oats, and honey - and I dig that.  After a few days of living in my bathroom my bathroom smells HEAVENLY!!! Porridge Soap doesn't lather much - but my skin feels so good after using it.  It's probably one of the most moisturizing bars I've tried in the shower. 

My Husband' Experience  - He approves. It didn't make him break out or get itchy. No allergy or hypersensitivity here!

Overall - I found a new must have! This is possibly the Buffy substitute I was looking for (though there really is no replacing Buffy).

Therapy Massage Bar - $10.59
My Experience - For me the lavender comes through loud and clear on this bar! It fits easily in my hand and quickly heats up to spread wonderful massage oil over the skin. A little goes a very long way. I was able to give my husband a nice back massage with it, using just a bit. The only thing I don't like about massage bars is that unlike oils in bottles I have to put it back in it's package. I may have to purchase a suitable "massage bar holder".

My Husband's Experience - Well I know he liked the massage.

Overall - I'd recommend this one for anyone who likes a relaxing lavender massage. The bar will probably be around for a long while.

Peace Massage Bar - $13.95
My Experience  - Ok, so I tried to use this one as a post-shower lotion. It didn't quite melt as quickly as Therapy. Once it does start to melt, then it's fine. I also don't like the smell very much. Not that it's obnoxious - the scent is slightly herbal. So if you like that you might like Peace.

My Husband's Experience - I'm making him stick with Therapy right now. So down the road maybe he'll  try it.

Overall - Up to you. For this I'd go based on choice and cost - it is over $3 more expensive, and I don't know that it's worth it. But go on the website, read the story and watch the video. It's nice.

Ultrabalm -$13.95
My Experience - This is billed as a body lotion on LUSH's site, but I have mainly been using it as a lip balm. I tried it on my body and it was a bit too greasy for that. It looks and feels almost identical to Vaseline (perhaps a slight tiny bit gritty in comparison). Think about what you use that for and you might have a petroleum jelly substitute in Ultrabalm if you're been looking for one. I think it is fantastic on knees, elbows, heels - anything that needs super moisture that won't be touching any cellphones, keyboards, or books any time soon. However be forewarned - it has sort of burn woodsy smell.

My Husband's Experience - I didn't let him at this one. Once I find a lip balm I like, it's mine.

Overall - Good product, but EXPENSIVE compared to similar products.

Anyway, I hope this information helps someone out there. The PR rep who gave me the "non-nut or corn" recommendations also recommended Dream Cream which I did not purchase due to price but feel free to look that up as well.